Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: It’s OK If We Have Different Opinions

Everyone has different opinions and that’s ok. Why would we even want to have identical opinions as others? It’s great to have common interests with someone, to build wonderful friendships or partnerships, but your thoughts and opinions on all subjects don’t have to be the same as theirs. What would we have to talk about? What if you want to have your friend join you for dinner at your favorite restaurant, but your friend doesn’t like that cuisine?

Would you stop having that person as a friend? Would you berate that person for not liking your favorite restaurant? Of course not!

I know, that’s sounds pretty simplistic. But that is basically what appears to be happening in today’s world. We don’t seem to have the freedom to express our opinions much anymore without someone taking offense. In America, Land of the Free.

There’s an old quote from over a hundred years ago that says “Never discuss politics or religion in polite company”, and still holds true today, except along the way, some think “sex and race” should have been added. And in today’s society, that applies to Facebook and other social media as well. I guess when you aren’t talking to a person face to face about a difference of opinion, manners go out the window.

Come to think of it, maybe we should all start following that old etiquette rule.

Our opinions are based on a number of things, including our life experiences, our personal beliefs, and maybe as a result of people we have met along the way. It doesn’t matter. My opinion is neither necessarily right, nor wrong, but it is how I feel. It’s what I believe. As long as I respect your right to have your own personal opinion, I expect you to give me the same courtesy.

I have friends of different religions, ethnic backgrounds, alternative lifestyles and political affiliations, and I accept each one for who they are, even though I may not always agree with everything they do or believe. But that’s ok! When talking with others, I’m curious about their customs and traditions, and where they came from and how they got to where we are at that particular time. If a person has a different opinion, I’m curious as to why they feel like they do. I love the diversity of the people I know. The only exceptions are those that are just downright mean or evil.

If we have a conversation with someone that we don’t agree with or they don’t agree with us, we need to remember that “We can agree to disagree”. I assure you the world won’t stop.

Respecting Others Opinions Video

Anyway…here’s a short video by a wonderful young lady about respecting other’s opinions.


17 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: It’s OK If We Have Different Opinions

  1. I always try to respect others’ opinions but as you stated, I expect the same courtesy. If I don’t get that respect then the conversation stops. If this happens repeatedly, then I absolutely rethink the relationship. I have had to unfriend and/or block at least a dozen people over the last couple of years. I’m done. I’m done being disrespected. I’m done being told in so many words that I must not have all the information needed to form an opinion. Ugh! 💁Thank you for this post! You said what so many people can’t get through their thick skulls. 😮

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  2. What if their opinion supports hateful policy that belittles and dehumanizes others? I can agree to disagree but I cannot support hatefulness and oppression. I’m a believer that silence is complicity. Agreeing to disagree leaves people complacent and this results in the institutionalization of racism, sexism, ageism and oppression. Agreeing to disagree does not lead to needed social action and change. Agreeing to disagree often dismisses the others’ lived experiences and no way is that right or humane or loving.

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    1. Hate is a subjective emotion. What if I were to tell you that your comment was hateful because it made fun of people that had alternate thoughts? What if an individuals life experiences LED to racist or sexist actions? You are not in a position to make a judgement otherwise. The fact that you mentioned them in and of itself is racist and sexist because the post did not mention these attributes, You chose to do so.


    2. I understand what you are saying. I was speaking in general so as not to step on anyone’s toes. If I have a difference of opinion with say a family member or close friend, I would rather keep that relationship than risk alienating them because we don’t agree. I would let my feeling be known though, just as I would hear theirs. In the end, it is not my place to judge.

      However, with that being said, if I felt someone was hurtful, mean, vicious or violent, that is not really a difference of opinion (in my humble opinion). that is an action that I can’t or won’t tolerate.


  3. Thank you Robin for posting this. It is so hard now days to speak, the whole world is afraid they will say the wrong thing or say something in the wrong way, unintentional of course. It is so cruel what we are witnessing right now. In the past we were taught to walk away from anyone who was saying things that hurt us or turn off the channel of shows that we did not agree with, but now no one is walking away, instead people are attacking, bullying, stalking, and hating anyone who does not do or think in exactly the same way they are. This is wide spread too. It doesn’t matter what sex, race, religion you are either…something really sad and wicked is happening when we can no longer feel comfortable to just be who we are all meant to be in front of each other. We all need to start speaking out about this, this has got to stop. Silence and the prison of words will only breed hate and mistrust in the end.

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