About Me

“haphazard” definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary,  meaning, what is haphazard: not having an obvious order or plan.

Exactly! I generally do have a plan, although it is not always obvious. I have aspirations of having a nice orderly life and home, that I’m sure both my dear Hubby and I would love. However, sometimes life gets in the way and other things take priority. So we do the best we can.

It’s only me and hubby at home. The kids are grown and spread out halfway across the country. You will get to know me better as I share my life and everything I am in to through this blog. One of the first things you will learn, is that I am not perfect. I made mistakes. And I am okay with that, because really, who is perfect?

I stay pretty busy, and some of my projects and activities aren’t conducive to my home being all nice and neat all of the time. Particularly since I am still in denial about having lung disease and most things now take me twice as long as they did a few years ago. I try to at least present some semblance of order, and I do what I can, when I can.

But it is what it is…

I have many interests and will write about whatever I am working on the time. Some of the things you’ll likely find here in the future:

Crafts – I love quick & easy crafts.HH Image

Food – Freezer cooking, Meal-prep, Slow cooking . . . I am all about shortcuts in the kitchen.

Gardening – Easy care, low maintenance, sustainable practices, garden art and container gardening. Many ideas for senior or accessible gardening.

Health – Whatever works toward improving our health.  The struggle is real and always a constant battle.

Money – Making it stretch farther. If I ever learn the secret to winning the lottery, I will be sure to share that secret!

Organization – Tips and tricks at creating an orderly home.

Printables – Printables to make life a little easier.

Sewing – Mostly shortcut sewing for AG dolls and re-fashioned clothing ideas.

My email address is haphazardhomemaker@mail.com. Drop me a line if you have a question or suggestion. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting!

Keeping it real & finding balance in everyday life!