Healthy 2 Ingredient Cookies (plus Optional Add-ins)

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution.....Goal....Intention, and because I am a snacker, I thought I'd try to make me some 2 Ingredient Cookies, aka Breakfast Cookies. I am always hungry, which makes me hangry at times. I wanted needed a guilt-free real-food snack that simulated a familiar snack, but didn't require any odd-to-me substitutes. Pin… Continue reading Healthy 2 Ingredient Cookies (plus Optional Add-ins)

Diet · Sweets & Treats

Simple Jamocha Smoothie Treat

I love Jamocha shakes! My waistline doesn't. So when I happened across homemade Jamocha shakes on Pinterest, I thought well why not a healthy, low-calorie smoothie? So it became my mission to whip up something tasty and satisfying. Because everyone has different taste buds, there are a few variations below that you might also want… Continue reading Simple Jamocha Smoothie Treat


The Best Dieting Advice Ever!

STOP! Seriously! Stop dieting! If you struggle to lose weight like I am, stop stressing over a restrictive list of foods. I found it does NOT really give you a sustainable weight loss that is easy to maintain. I'm pretty sure your body needs more calories and nutrients than these diets provide. But don't take my… Continue reading The Best Dieting Advice Ever!

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Fat Blasting Italian Soup

It's time to start thinking about losing your winter weight and getting ready for summer time. This soup is low calorie, no fat, fiber-rich, heart healthy, high protein and just as important, flavorful. It's also pretty easy to make! It doesn't get any better than that! Except that it's a delicious healthy soup the whole… Continue reading Fat Blasting Italian Soup