Fermenting – Cherry Tomato Bombs and Green Tomato Olives

I planted a few cherry tomato plants this summer for the sole purpose of making Cherry Tomato Bombs and Green Tomato Olives. I love these cut in half and added to salads, or even just a few right out of the jar, served on the side of a meal. Because they last for months in… Continue reading Fermenting – Cherry Tomato Bombs and Green Tomato Olives


Easy Fermented Jalapeno Peppers

Fermenting foods are full of GOOD bacteria that are wonderful for your health and digestive system.

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Easy Fermented Carrots

I had read enough about the many healthful benefits of eating fermented foods to know they are important in our diets. They are rich with antioxidants, vitamins and gut-friendly bacteria, according to numerous sources. Eating fermented foods may help with your digestive issues and inflammation, and may even help with circulation, blood sugars and cholesterol. They are… Continue reading Easy Fermented Carrots