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Kansas City Steak Soup

Kansas City Steak Soup (aka Plaza 111 Soup). A rich & hearty classic soup, sure to become a family favorite! This soup is easy to make and freezer-friendly. haphazardhomemaker.com #kansascitysteaksoup #plaza111soup #vegetablesoup #soup

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Thinking About An Instant Pot?

I finally tried out an electric pressure cooker and I kinda liked it! I'm still trying to decide if I would use one enough to warrant buying one. I have a small kitchen in a small house, and I have slowly but surely been eliminating stuff we don't need. So adding another appliance is a… Continue reading Thinking About An Instant Pot?

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Roasted BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potatoes Sheetpan Meal

This is one of my favorite sheetpan meals with two of my favorite foods! BBQ Chicken and sweet potatoes...oh, yeah! How convenient that they can be cooked at the same time. I used boneless chicken thighs for this post that I had found on sale, but boneless breasts are pretty tasty, too. The breasts just… Continue reading Roasted BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potatoes Sheetpan Meal

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Easy Pumpkin Bread from a Cake Mix

I just love the fall season! The cooler temperatures, the colorful trees and the fall flavors. Especially pumpkin! I have always loved pumpkin pie, but something happened to my taste buds this year. Pumpkin recipes have officially reached the top of my list of my all time favorite things to bake . . . to… Continue reading Easy Pumpkin Bread from a Cake Mix