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DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

Making an essential oil diffuser is an inexpensive and easy to do craft. Make your own decorative essential oil diffusers using air dry clay to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils wherever you might be. Hang it in the car, on a night table, or put it on a cord to wear around your neck. This is a great idea for kids to wear to school, too.

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Best Essential Oils for Spring Allergies

It's time for springtime allergies and the air is full of pollen from trees, grass, and weeds that are easily inhaled and proceed to wreck havoc with our bodies. Not everyone is affected, but if you have allergies, you'll know it. Symptoms of spring allergies may include irritating issues with your nose (sneezing, nasal congestion… Continue reading Best Essential Oils for Spring Allergies

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The Benefits and Use of CBD Oil

There are numerous studies that have already been done, or are on-going about the benefits of CBD oil. But if you have any doubts about the usefulness or effectiveness of CBD oil, would the fact that the US Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first cannabis-based drug convince you to take another look? Because… Continue reading The Benefits and Use of CBD Oil

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November Reader Appreciation Give-Away Reminder

We're half-way through the month of November, so I wanted to remind everyone of my free gift give-away. You can enter every day this month at the link below. Rafflecopter Give-Away Entry Form This Multi-Size Essential Oil Bottle Set has 12 Essential Oil Bottles (6 Different Styles), 6 Fine Mist Sprayers, 10 Orifice Reducer Caps,… Continue reading November Reader Appreciation Give-Away Reminder