Sunday Reflections

Sunday Morning on the Porch

I love fall mornings like this in the land of rolling hills and narrow valleys, when it's nice and cool and there's a fog hanging over the land. It's like living in the clouds. There's just a hint of the pink sunrise reflecting off the clouds over the trees. I walked barefoot out on to… Continue reading Sunday Morning on the Porch

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Are You A Procrastinator?

For most things in my life, I am "Johnny on the spot". If something needs done, I will usually do it right then, because "It will only take a minute". But if I don't, I will invariably forget. Or worse yet, I will procrastinate until I am way past the deadline of when something should… Continue reading Are You A Procrastinator?

Sunday Reflections

Mary Carson Breckinridge – A Woman of Strength & Determination

I had the pleasure of being amongst a small audience of over 140 local Homemaker Association members to watch an hour long performance of "Mary Carson Breckinridge hosting a fundraiser dinner for the Frontier School of Nursing in the 1920's". This presentation is part of the Kentucky Chautauqua program, bringing historical figures to life, with… Continue reading Mary Carson Breckinridge – A Woman of Strength & Determination

Sunday Reflections

Introducing “Sunday Reflections”

I've been thinking about doing a special Sunday series of posts for some time now. Posts where I can share or talk freely. So...I am adding a Sunday Reflections category in the Health category. I don't expect to write every single Sunday, and probably won't have many pictures. Why Sunday? It just seemed like a good day… Continue reading Introducing “Sunday Reflections”