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Sunday Reflections: Journey # 5…The Gift Behind the Windows

"Journey #5 started years ago. It is only recently that the journey concluded and left me with the most comfortable, peaceful, completed feeling inside. It’s was like coming home after being away for so long. I created a journey that put me in alignment with the universe. I am now one step closer to knowing exactly who I am and what I want from this world. So let me share with you how this journey unfolded."

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: A Reflection

I enjoyed reading this post by Cupcake Cache about risks taken and choices made. I hope you enjoy it as well . . . Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Reflections Sometimes people wonder how you were able to travel somewhere or find a particular job…after some reflection, I think sometimes the curve in the road gives you no… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: A Reflection

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: What do *I* want to do?

Sometimes, we get a plan in our head, work carefully on getting there and before we actually reach our ultimate goal, something happens. A life changing event. But now, are we the same person we were a short time ago? Just a few years can change our objective. Do we pick up where we left… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: What do *I* want to do?

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflection: Mum’s the Word

This is a wonderful post I ran across recently about life and changes, that I wanted to share with you on Sunday Reflections . . . Photo by Haydan As-soendawy on Mum’s the Word My wife asked me an interesting question today – “Why do you not talk as much as you used to?”.… Continue reading Sunday Reflection: Mum’s the Word

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Morning on the Porch

I love fall mornings like this in the land of rolling hills and narrow valleys, when it's nice and cool and there's a fog hanging over the land. It's like living in the clouds. There's just a hint of the pink sunrise reflecting off the clouds over the trees. I walked barefoot out on to… Continue reading Sunday Morning on the Porch