Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: Community Strong

Like many of you, I feel at loose ends with this virus all around us, not knowing how long it will take for life to return to normal and it sounds like this may be our new normal for weeks to come. The worldwide coronavirus crisis is bringing out the best and sometimes worst in… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: Community Strong

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: The Other Shoe Will Inevitably Drop, And It’s Ok.

This is a wonderful post with Julie writing about how to deal with life when obstacles keep getting in the way. There are always going to be situations and/or people disrupt our own little worlds, so we need to learn how to handle those disruptions in our day to day lives.

I love the analogy of waiting for the “other shoe to drop”, because it always does. I think if we acknowledge that up front, we are move equipped to roll with the punches.


seaI had a rough day this week.  It came out of nowhere, really.  I woke up and knew within a few minutes that an old familiar cloud was hanging over me…Churchhill’s black dog that used to hound me on a regular basis had come for an unexpected visit.

I hardly ever get depressed anymore.  It’s such a sweet relief after years and years of a cycling battle against despair and anxiety. When days come like the one I had a few days ago, I am made so much more grateful for the hope that has learned to float in me.

The thing about these days when I do get depressed is that it’s usually not rational; I can sit there and tell myself all day long that I’m not being rational, and that all is well, but it’s not always possible to talk myself out of places with logic and…

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Sunday Reflections: A Blank Canvas

This week's post is a wonderful inspiration to plan you days to include more life and more me-time. It was written in January by a fellow blogger to start the New Year off right, but will work just as well to do weekly or monthly. Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels - Edited by Haphazardhomemaker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Blank… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: A Blank Canvas

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

This is an interesting video I watched the other day and it is a perfect example of miscommunication. One person's miscommunication (failure to communicate adequate) often leads to another person's misunderstanding (failure to understand something correctly). Although this clearly happens in verbal communication, it can also happen in non-verbal interactions. One of the reason this… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: Straight Roads Can’t Make You a Better Driver

Living is not all about smooth straight roads. You may hit a bump on occasion, or possibly a deep pothole to knock you out of alignment. Sometimes, more often than not, you will come to curves or sharp turns. Maybe even a detour or two along the way, changing direction from your previous destination. Photo… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: Straight Roads Can’t Make You a Better Driver