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Easy Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash (Paleo & Whole30)

If you haven't tried sausage and sweet potato hash, you are going to be pleasantly surprised! And if you haven't had it for breakfast, you'll be shocked at how amazing it tastes! It's perfect to eat anytime of the day. I like to make it for breakfast, then we'll have leftovers for lunch with maybe… Continue reading Easy Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash (Paleo & Whole30)

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

This is an interesting video I watched the other day and it is a perfect example of miscommunication. One person's miscommunication (failure to communicate adequate) often leads to another person's misunderstanding (failure to understand something correctly). Although this clearly happens in verbal communication, it can also happen in non-verbal interactions. One of the reason this… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

Casserole Dishes · Freezer cooking · Meal-Prep

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

There is nothing as comforting as good ol' fashioned foods. Those hearty dishes that stick to the ribs. Pot pie is one of those dishes. It's simple enough to double the recipe to put one in the freezer, and easy enough to make several on a meal-prep day. I shared a recipe for Easy Crescent-topped… Continue reading Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

DIY · Gift Ideas

How to Make Flower Pens

This simple little craft has been around for years, and you may have even seen these flower-topped pens on the counter in some stores. So this post isn't so much about sharing a craft project, as it is a reminder of a simple inexpensive DIY gift, maybe for Moms or Grandmas, or a friend or… Continue reading How to Make Flower Pens

Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: Straight Roads Can't Make You a Better Driver

Living is not all about smooth straight roads. You may hit a bump on occasion, or possibly a deep pothole to knock you out of alignment. Sometimes, more often than not, you will come to curves or sharp turns. Maybe even a detour or two along the way, changing direction from your previous destination. Photo… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: Straight Roads Can't Make You a Better Driver