How to Revive a Neglected Asparagus Bed

Spring is here! The asparagus is starting to come up! And my asparagus bed looks pitiful. I am so far behind on my gardening in I didn't get the weeds pulled last fall! And then, it's been such a cold and wet spring so far this year, that I have not been able to… Continue reading How to Revive a Neglected Asparagus Bed

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Asparagus Recipe Round-Up

Did you know that May is National Asparagus Month? Or that National Asparagus Day is May 24th? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, neither does my asparagus bed, as it has just started sending up spears this week. I sure am glad to have another reason to celebrate everyday life! And all the more reason for me… Continue reading Asparagus Recipe Round-Up