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Free Drawing for a Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Enter for a chance to win this handy little personal pocket size Himalayan Salt Inhaler. It comes already filled with Himalayan salt crystals, 180 grams of additional Himalayan salt crystals, 30 filters, plus a nose adapter. Go to Rafflecopter to enter! You can enter once a day, every day during November 2019! I'll need your… Continue reading Free Drawing for a Himalayan Salt Inhaler

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Himalayan Salt Therapy

Have you heard of Himalayan Salt Therapy, Halotherapy or using a Himalayan Salt Inhaler? I want to share with you the benefits and how to use salt therapy at home. Salt therapy has been around forever. Seriously...for centuries! So it's no surprise that "Salt Caves" have been popping up around the world. We even have… Continue reading Himalayan Salt Therapy

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Best Essential Oils for Spring Allergies

It's time for springtime allergies and the air is full of pollen from trees, grass, and weeds that are easily inhaled and proceed to wreck havoc with our bodies. Not everyone is affected, but if you have allergies, you'll know it. Symptoms of spring allergies may include irritating issues with your nose (sneezing, nasal congestion… Continue reading Best Essential Oils for Spring Allergies

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Essential Oil “Flu Shot in a Bottle”

This post was updated September 2019. The CDC says you should get a flu shot by the end of October, as it takes about two weeks after the vaccination for you to be protected through the coming flu season. However, it only protects against the 3 or 4 strains in the current vaccine. You may… Continue reading Essential Oil “Flu Shot in a Bottle”

Sunday Reflections

Introducing “Sunday Reflections”

I've been thinking about doing a special Sunday series of posts for some time now. Posts where I can share or talk freely. So...I am adding a Sunday Reflections category in the Health category. I don't expect to write every single Sunday, and probably won't have many pictures. Why Sunday? It just seemed like a good day… Continue reading Introducing “Sunday Reflections”