Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: Guide for Coping When Feeling Distressed

Talking with friends, it's evident that so many of us are still feeling somewhat depressed since Covid19. I know it's difficult to be positive when we have no idea when this will end or what the future will bring, but it's important for all of us to practice self-care. I've struggled with some depression too.… Continue reading Sunday Reflections: Guide for Coping When Feeling Distressed


When Christmas Isn’t Picture Perfect

This post is a wonderful read for those that are not feeling Christmas Joy.

When Christmas Isn't Picture Perfect

Social Media can be pretty cruel during the holidays. When most folks are posting about their perfect trees, perfect matching PJs, perfect wrapping paper, perfect Christmas Cards and of course the perfect families.

Not all of us have perfect lives to post. So it makes it hard to go through all the posts and not be a little sad about our own lives and mental states. Like the moms who have just divorced, the dads who have lost their wives to cancer, the wife who just lost her spouse or other family member to suicide. Or anyone who has lost a job, child, parent or received the diagnosis of cancer or some other disease.

I remember when my husband lost his job many years ago. We scrambled to make sure our kids had something to unwrap for Christmas but it was so sad. You feel miserable for your kids and…

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Sunday Reflections

Introducing “Sunday Reflections”

I've been thinking about doing a special Sunday series of posts for some time now. Posts where I can share or talk freely. So...I am adding a Sunday Reflections category in the Health category. I don't expect to write every single Sunday, and probably won't have many pictures. Why Sunday? It just seemed like a good day… Continue reading Introducing “Sunday Reflections”