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DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

Making an essential oil diffuser is an inexpensive and easy to do craft. Make your own decorative essential oil diffusers using air dry clay to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils wherever you might be. Hang it in the car, on a night table, or put it on a cord to wear around your neck. This is a great idea for kids to wear to school, too.

Sunday Reflections

Mary Carson Breckinridge – A Woman of Strength & Determination

I had the pleasure of being amongst a small audience of over 140 local Homemaker Association members to watch an hour long performance of "Mary Carson Breckinridge hosting a fundraiser dinner for the Frontier School of Nursing in the 1920's". This presentation is part of the Kentucky Chautauqua program, bringing historical figures to life, with… Continue reading Mary Carson Breckinridge – A Woman of Strength & Determination