Can we talk? Blogger to Blogger?

This is what happens when you start a short course of steroids. Semi-bouncing off the walls, no sleep and wild ideas…..

Where to start?

Yesterday, one blogger I follow shared that it was her 10 Year Blogaversary. She shared her story of why she started blogging, and then continued and kept it up for a full ten years! I love the backstories, whether it’s a blogger, or a fighting match that Hubby is watching, or a dancer or singer on a competition show on TV. And it got me thinking about my why.

I’ve wanted to do a blog for a long time. Actually, I started a couple of very different blogs a few years ago, but I had no clue what I was doing. I finally gave up on them. On one of the blogs, I never even wrote the first blog post. Only because I wasn’t ready to share some health issues with the world, albeit the very small and unknown to me little world of WordPress Readers.

The Whys

Some bloggers blog for themselves, as a way of keeping a record of their lives. Others simply want to share things they are passionate about, such as art, writing, cooking, etc. Some go into blogging, hoping to make the big bucks teaching others “How to Make a Zillion Dollars Blogging”. There are bloggers who are actually “teachers” in disguise (different from the previously mentioned teaching blogger). And probably many who just need a creative outlet.

I think I fall in between the last two. For the most part…

My WordPress Reader Peeps

I love WordPress Reader now. I have found many blogs that I can relate to, or that I  share a common interest. Some are eye-openers and make me ask myself the hard questions. Some give me courage and make me think I am ready to open up. And a couple are just adorable young bloggers learning about their new roles as homemakers and mothers. I didn’t have any daughters, so it’s fun for me to watch them grow.

When I decided to start this blog, I literally read hundreds and hundreds of blog posts on how to start a blog, how to set up all of the individual parts of a blog, how to build a following, etc. How I needed to sign up for all of these great services with monthly expenses. That it was a must to self-host your own blog.

Whew, my head was spinning!

A few young “How to Blog” bloggers shared their income reports of making more money in one month than our income is for the whole year. WTH!

But don’t get me wrong, I did learn a LOT! Maybe in tiny bits and pieces, but it totaled a lot. Sometimes I don’t even realize I learned something, until I go to add something to the blog.

But then ONE blogger, said “Start with a free blog for a year to make sure you want to commit to writing a blog or if you don’t know much about computers or how to do HTML”. So that’s what I did!

My Blog Journey

I started with the free blog. It was pretty easy, but far from idiot-proof. Right out of the chutes, I got tripped up on setting up my categories, pages and tags. It took me DAYS to figure it out! But I have my “back office” of Word Press technical support. And they are the best at helping me! I’m doing better though and learning my way around blog land, with a lot less “DUH” moments. I still struggle sometimes with the blog and making it look like what I have in my mind. Or getting up enough nerve to tackle setting up that dang subscription box. 

Now, I’m ready! I recently decided to get serious. To finish that statement above about “For the most part…the rest of that statement is ” I want to make money too.” I know that’s further down the line, but it’s a work in progress. I’ve upgraded twice. First to the Personal Plan and then to the Premium Plan to be eligible to sign up for Word Ads. With the Premium Plan, you don’t need a minimum following to sign up. The possibility of making money with Word Ads is based on readership. I’m not looking to make a “zillion bucks”, but I sure would like to make enough to help cover my medical expenses.

Blog Promotion

I’m not a big fan of promoting on Facebook at this time. Something weird has been going on over there for a few weeks, at least on my timeline. But I use Pinterest a LOT. Since I have had my personal account since shortly after it went online, I have a couple of hundred boards and over 47,000 followers. I also belong to about 10 group boards. So my plan is to promote my blog mostly on Pinterest with my personal account until my Pinterest blog account boards and followers are built up,  and maybe on Twitter. I did set up a Twitter account, but I know very little about using Twitter. Disappointing, but it was NOT like Field of Dreams, where if you build it, they will come.

I’m not really good at reading between the lines, so I’m not sure of how many of my fellow WordPress Reader friends and followers are wanting to make money too. But I suspect a few of the stay-at-home moms are definitely interested. Even with just a few participants, we can all expand our reach.

So here’s the deal….

This offer is only for my WordPress Reader peeps/followers. I’m not sharing this post on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

If you are also interested in building your blog and making a little extra money with your blog at some point, lets help each other out by building our following. I’ll share your blog on both of my Pinterest accounts. The personal account because of the large following, and if your post is a good fit, on my blog account to build up my following. In exchange, you follow me and then share my posts, preferably on Pinterest or Twitter.

Not interested?

Not to worry! I promise I won’t be offended. If I like your blog post and it’s something that I am personally interested in, or I feel is beneficial for a large number of people, I will continue to share your blog posts. I hope that you would do the same, if you find one of posts particularly interesting.


If you are interested in participating, add your blog address AND Pinterest account name in the comments (so I can follow you) and then follow me both on Word Press AND on Pinterest at Haphazard Homemaker. It’s a one-for-one share. If you write two posts in a week and I share your two posts, then I expect you to share two of mine. To help keep track, once this is started, be sure to mention in the post comment that it was shared.

Let’s Do This!



40 thoughts on “Can we talk? Blogger to Blogger?

  1. I wish I knew more about social media. I have trouble figuring out most of them and luckily my theme posts automatically post to them….thank God! Some day, when I retire, I hope to have more time to figure these out. For now, I am just have fun with a simple blog.

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    1. After I posted this, I was thinking I hope I wasn’t making anyone uncomfortable. Seriously, it’s no problem. I just threw this out there, for anyone interested in building a following.

      Your blog definitely shows your passion for cooking and you have awesome recipes! I’ll still Pin your recipes! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t think it will make anyone uncomfortable! I think it is a great idea. I just wish I knew more about this subject. I am surprised of what I have learned to this point so I am getting there….lol Thank you for the nice comment Robin you are so kind!

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    1. I am still pretty new to this blogging thing, but this is what I have learned…I see that you already have a “real” website, one that does not include “wordpress” in the name. I would be pinning from your “real” website, not from the one that shows up in wordpress reader. If you want to pin from my site, go to the top right corner to go to my “real” site. In the beginning, I upgraded to the Personal Plan and paid $48 for a year, which included my domain name. I set up my website and after a few months, upgraded again to the Premium Plan for another $48 for a year. With that plan, you can can add Word Ads (free) without a minimum following (I think it’s 2,500 followers). It will take a few months to get to where you have the possibility of making any money, but the bigger your following, the more chance you have. So now while you are still new, besides writing your awesome posts, build you following. 🙂

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  2. Our Word Press blogging beginnings sound similar ; ) And I just finished a course of meds for joint inflammation too! We follow each other already, so cheers to having more followers!

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  3. I will remember to pin you. Throw a little help your way. I have a free account and will probably stay that way for a while. Facebook used to good in bringing in views but not anymore. At least not for me.

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  4. Just followed you on Pinterest. My blog is and on Pinterest MobileMomTechRescue I’m just starting on Pinterest so it’s probably a hot mess 🤷🏻‍♀️Any suggestions are welcome! I write tips/how to’s using Apple phones, iPads, etc. I don’t only follow tech type WordPress blogs so I don’t think I should on Pinterest either. But not sure how it all works together yet. Following on WP too! Thanks!

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  5. Hi Robin – I am extremely new to blogging myself and am still working on figuring things out! I find I’m really enjoying blogging so far. I’m meeting some great people like you and hope to continue to do so! I don’t have a Pinterest account yet but I plan to set one up shortly and I’ll follow you on both when I do.


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    1. Awesome! I’m still learning, too. A lot of the info doesn’t click with me until I actually go to put it in practice. Let me know when you get on Pinterest. 🙂


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