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Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Window insulation that is so cheap and easy . . . and super effective! What more could you ask? This isn’t practical for every home or every window, but If you have thin drafty windows in an old home like we do, you will definitely notice a difference when bubble wrap is applied to the windows, and will probably save some money on your heating costs. It’s not permanent, so it can be taken down and put it away for the next year.

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I have it on a few of my windows where privacy is kind of an issue. The nice thing is that if it’s a beautiful day outside or we have company coming, I can easily take it down and put it back up later in a matter of minutes.

Easy Window Insulation with Bubble Wrap -

If it’s not really something you want to do, bubble wrap may still be a good item to add to your emergency supplies. With the rise of wacky weather and the possibility to lose electrical power, applying bubble wrap to the windows may help conserve what little heat you have in your home for a little while. There was a recent power outage in our area, and although ours was out for only a few hours, we stayed pretty comfortable.

Even if you don’t need it for insulation, you might like to use it for the privacy. It blocks the view, but still lets in plenty of light. Perfect for bathroom windows. For those that live in older neighborhoods with close neighbors, covering just the lower half of the windows offers plenty of privacy.

I’ve also noticed that it diffuses the glaring midday sunshine in my office that makes it difficult for me to see. So far, it also appears to allow enough light for my houseplants in front of the windows. They don’t get too hot when the sun is shining through, nor too cold at night.

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Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

This stuff is amazing! Bubble wrap with the large bubbles will offer a little more insulating power, but a little less privacy. I chose to use a roll with small bubbles.

I shared a quick video below to show just how easy this is!

Supplies needed:

Supplies if you have larger window panes:

I had to use two pieces of bubble wrap to cover some of my windows, using the clear packing tape to join two strips, so I’d have larger pieces of bubble wrap. Apply the packing tape on the smooth side of the bubble wrap. Then just cut the bubble wrap to fit the window.

I pressed the flat side of the bubble wrap against the window, but a few other sources suggest the bubble side facing outside.

On a couple of my larger windows, I had to apply double-stick tape along the top edge of the window to make sure the plastic wouldn’t slip. After spraying the window lightly with water. I removed the paper from the double stick tape and carefully pressed the bubble wrap against the tape and insured it was hanging straight. Then gently pressed the bubble wrap against the window to insure good adhesion.

Video: Winterize Windows the Cheap, Quick, & Easy Way

If you need additional insulation for really bad windows, use both the bubble wrap and a 3M Window Insulating Kit. This creates a nice 3-4″ air pocket. The gals in the following video show did an awesome job showing how super easy it is to put up.

Video: How To Insulate Windows

Sometimes bubble wrap can be found for free for the asking from furniture and appliance stores.

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Easy Bubble Wrap Insulation -

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16 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

  1. I went one step further in the RV. I got some bubble wrap that was sandwiched in between two layers of foil. I was so sick of baking every afternoon even with three air conditioners working overtime that I didn’t even care that it made me look crazy to have bubble foil in my windows.
    All that to say this: can confirm, bubble wrap does help insulate windows.

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    1. We live in Arizona and it’s been 114 degrees I am going to try on two windows facing west with the afternoon sun. We have an older home with single pane windows definitely not efficient. I will try this tomorrow thank you for posting

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