Sunday Reflections

Sunday Morning on the Porch

I love fall mornings like this in the land of rolling hills and narrow valleys, when it’s nice and cool and there’s a fog hanging over the land. It’s like living in the clouds. There’s just a hint of the pink sunrise reflecting off the clouds over the trees. I walked barefoot out on to the wet grass to see what was all over the yard. They were tiny little cobwebs that are only visible on foggy mornings that I had completely forgotten all about.

Sitting on the porch, enjoying a cup of coffee. Breathing has been much better lately. Small projects are getting done.

Life is good!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


21 thoughts on “Sunday Morning on the Porch

  1. Good Morning! Porch sitting is wonderful. So glad you can breathe better. And look at the spider webs on the ground! Love that you are ‘grounding’, bare feet on the earth.

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  2. What kind of spider makes a funnel shaped web?
    Other genera of funnel weavers include Tegenaria (barn funnel weavers) and Eratigena (hobo spider), which are native to Europe. Agelenid spiders build funnel-shaped webs between two braces,

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