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Sunday Reflections: Dreamer Shoes

My Sunday Reflections series is about sharing ideas, thoughts and insights on self-care, relationships, chronic illnesses, growing older, self-improvement, inspiration, or anything else that I feel is useful information and might be of benefit to someone.

I often happen across beautifully written words that are so relatable, maybe describing an experience I have encountered in my life, or shining a light on the course my life has taken. This is one of those posts.

Dreamer Shoes is a blog entry on the site Reflections from an Open Window, penned by Linda Raha, a Christian writer sharing “a written collection of remembered moments”. The link to her blog is at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Dreamer Shoes

by Linda Raha

Sunday Reflections_ Dreamer Shoes -

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

Every now and then, I forget the importance of my dreamer shoes; I slip on that oh so practical pair in the back of the closet, the pair that might have been perfect, but never really were. They kind of make my feet hurt, but they look good. And they are very practical, sort of like insurance in the event that any kind of inclement weather might hit…hurricanes, thunder storms, hail, and maybe even blinding snow for days on end.

The truth is, the dreamer pair is always a better fit. That is because the ‘perfect shoe’ might not be perfect for us at all. It might look right to other people, and it might be the thing everyone is expecting us to wear. But, somehow, it feels all wrong for us.

The dreamer shoe is different. It is comfortable, but when we want to, we can take them off and go barefoot. We can walk in the grass, or in the sand, and it does not matter what our feet look like. It only matters that our feet do not hurt, and the ground beneath our feet feels wonderful.

Dreamer shoes take us places that we really want to go, and not just the places where we think we should go. We need to be practical with many things, but sometimes we take it too far. We still need to have some fun. That is why from time to time we have to do a closet overhaul; we need to revamp that closet, turn everything upside down, and find the little pair of dreamer shoes waiting there for us. Click here to continue reading

If you have read this far, I know you are “dismayed” that I’m sending you to another page to finish reading. In all fairness to the original author, it is only right for that person to know that their post is being read. Please let them know that you enjoyed their writing. Thank you!


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