Jumbo Candy Decorations

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s post “Can You Guess?”

I had seen Jumbo Candy Decorations on Pinterest for Christmas decorations and thought they were so cute! So when our local Homemakers Association decided to make a float for our town’s Christmas Parade and the theme this year was “Candy Christmas“, it was obviously meant to be.

Jumbo Candy Decorations -

We made a bunch of peppermint lollipops and a couple of long strands of candy garland to go around the trailer, and on one of the PVC pipe hoop, then covered the hay bales that we sat on with white sheets. We also wrapped a few boxes with wrapping paper to hold candy and some milk crates for the polar bears to sit on.

Not too shabby for our first parade. We had a ball on the float and enjoyed it so much, that we were already talking about things to do for next year’s parade.

The kids loved the candy decorations and the polar bears almost as much as the candy being thrown out to them.

The candies below were made with the brightly colored foil door covers. The foil decorations didn’t require the cellophane outer layer. The lollipop was tissue paper, cellophane and pvc pipe. I had all of the pipe and thought it would be sturdier for the float. Dowels would work perfectly for home decorations.

Jumbo Candy Decorations -

These were made with the tissue paper and cellophane, because I couldn’t find any more of the foil paper. The cellophane gave them the candy wrapper look, but also was a precaution in case of fog or sprinkles.

Jumbo Candy Decorations -


All of these supplies came from Dollar General. If you buy cellophane from a better store, you may need to calculate how much to buy because the roll will probably contain more than the cheap brand.

  • white disposable plates (the cheap foam ones worked fine, Chinet brand would be sturdier)
  • 12 oz. plastic cups (clear or white if using tissue paper and/or cellophane) Empty soda cans, water bottles or short pieces of pool noodles would also work.
  • tissue paper
  • cellophane wrapping paper (each roll does about 3 candy disks and one candy roll)
  • clothesline rope
  • tape
  • scissors
  • PLUS wrapping options:
  1. Printed tissue paper and clear cellophane wrapping paper (as seen below)
  2. A variety of bright colored cellophane wrapping paper (I don’t remember where I’ve seen it)
  3. Foil wrapping paper (I used dollar store door covers)
Jumbo Candy Decorations -

Jumbo Candy Decorations

To make these candies, lay out the cellophane, then lay tissue paper on top. Cut the cellophane just a little larger than the tissue paper.

I wrapped the gathered ends with clear tape to secure.

For the tube shape, I taped plastic cups bottom to bottom, and used 2 cups on each side for sturdiness. I made the mistake of cutting a few inches off one side of the striped tissue paper. It would have looked better with the longer ends.

Jumbo Candy Decorations -

For the disk shape, lay out cellophane, topped with tissue paper, then 2 plates facing each other with the rope strung between.

Here’s a couple of videos of my inspiration. These look adorable with lots of greenery and ribbons for Christmas decorations or birthday parties.

14 thoughts on “Jumbo Candy Decorations

  1. Lots of fun with this project. I didn’t make it out to our village’s twinkle like parade this year. Parades are interesting, I usually try to get out and photograph our local parades. Have you seen David Byrne’s “True Stories” movie from 1986? It has a lot of great commentary on fashion and architecture and a great parade.


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