Sunday Reflections– The Importance of Christmas Traditions

I found this wonderful post about traditions to share today. It’s a good read just in time to remind us that Christmas Traditions are an important part of our lives. I for one miss the traditions I grew up with in my family home. As our families grow and In Laws join the family, then families split and divide, living across the country, there just isn’t the time to fully enjoy the Old Fashion Christmas.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did . . .


The Importance of Christmas Traditions

Right now, as I’m working on this post, it is less than two weeks’ before Christmas Day. In fact, in exactly two weeks from today, it will be Boxing Day and most of us will have finished gorging ourselves on turkey or some other delicacy, along with all the sweets and Christmas treats usually found […]

Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Importance of Christmas Traditions — justabitfurther

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