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How to Store Christmas Bows

Now that it’s about time to take down the Christmas decorations and pack them away for next year, I finally figured out a way to organize everything so I can easily find just what I need without going through every single tote. I realized that living in a small home, that we decorate in stages, so it made sense to pack decorations for each stage.

I also need to occasionally pull out an item or two for another project long before Christmas. Having everything properly organized makes it so much easier!

How to Store Christmas Bows for next year

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

The main rule for organizing is to keep like things together. So this year, I shuffled all of the unused decorations around and repacked them, starting with fresh clear totes. I always tape signs on the tote ends, but I find clear totes are also helpful for a quick glance before even opening them. All of the ornaments will now go in one tote, all of the ceramics and figurines in another, all the garland in one, and so on.

How to Store Christmas Bows

The easiest thing to pack should be the bows, but every year I have to spend a lot of time fluffing and reworking them. This year I decided to pack my bows away in such a way that they weren’t squished when unpacked next year.

Simply roll plastic grocery bags loosely and stuff the loops of the bow with the bags, one for each side. Carefully lay the bows in the plastic tote, and then spread the tails out flat.

Below is another way to easily store bows. Thread empty wrapping paper tubes through the loops. I cut the tubes down to fit in my tote, but they will fit in the larger totes easily. If you have the room, they could also be slid into large trash bags and then hung up from a hanger.

Hope this tip helps when you start packing up the Christmas decorations!



5 thoughts on “How to Store Christmas Bows

  1. Would you please come organize my decorations??? I do use plastic bins, but generally just toss things in hodge podge! Every year I think, I am going to organize and purge…maybe this is the year 🙂 Great idea about using grocery bags!

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    1. Thank you, Jenna! I think by the time we start taking decorations down, we are all just worn out from the holidays and want to get back to normal as soon as possible. 🙂 I spent a few bucks on quart and gallon ziplock bags to put loose like-things together, so I don’t have to open a bunch of individual bags when I am looking for a specific item. 🙂

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