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Beautiful Lace Doily Wreath

When I first saw this style of wreath on Pinterest, I might have slowed down a bit while scrolling, but I didn’t stop and click on the picture. It was gorgeous, but I thought it was a little girly for our country home.

While working on some other decorations the other day, I got to thinking about that wreath and how pretty it would have been in my Mom’s bedroom. The room was painted a soft mint green with white woodwork, and decorated with white eyelet curtains. The bed had a matching eyelet bedskirt and a pretty quilt in shades of light green on white.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make that beautiful wreath. I bought one wire frame and 2 packages of 8″ paper doilies from the Dollar Tree. I had everything else at home, so basically this wreath costs me $3!

Note: I had to buy round doilies because I couldn’t find the heart shaped doilies used in the inspiration post listed below.

How to Make a Lace Doily Wreath


  • Wire wreath frame (my Dollar Tree frame had 6 sections)
  • 2 packages 8″ paper doilies (total of 60 doilies)
  • stapler with staples
  • glue (I used Elmer’s for doilies & my glue gun for flowers and bow)
  • 3 silk roses & a little greenery (any flowers would work)
  • ribbon to make bow
  • Optional: clothes pins (helpful to hold glued areas until dry)

Directions (following the picture sequence above)

  1. Seperate the doilies. Set 6 aside for the inner ring.
  2. Gently pinch together one edge into soft folds. Staple at the top of the little “tail”.
  3. Starting on the outer ring from the front side, slip the tail in between the top 2 wires, fold the “tail” over the top wire and against the back of the fanned out doily after adding a little glue as shown. (Image 2 shows an individual doily clipped in place a little better)
  4. Work from the outside ring in, adding 3 doilies between each dividing wire, on the 3 outside rings only.
  5. The inner ring is done differently. Lightly scrunch the centers of the last 6 doilies.
  6. From the back, gently work each doily half way through between the inner ring and the next ring, then fold the other half up through the center. Apply a little line of glue on the wire and press the 2 halves closed.

Inspired by: The Wicker House

For lack of a better idea, I suggest using a blow dryer on “cool setting” to blow the dust off every couple of weeks to keep the doilies looking fresh.

Paper Doily Wreath Options

I did make this paper doily wreath for Valentine’s Day, however it would also be lovely hanging over a fireplace in a rustic living room (as shown in the inspiration post). It would also be gorgeous using tea-stained doilies. Imagine how sweet it would be hanging in a little girl’s bedroom!

After seeing it hanging on the wall, I decided it wasn’t too girly for our bedroom.


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