Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

This is an interesting video I watched the other day and it is a perfect example of miscommunication. One person’s miscommunication (failure to communicate adequate) often leads to another person’s misunderstanding (failure to understand something correctly). Although this clearly happens in verbal communication, it can also happen in non-verbal interactions.

One of the reason this happens is that so many of us listen to reply, so we don’t fully hear or understand everything that is said. Once we start actively listening to each other, misunderstandings become less and less.

Sometimes we are just so distracted that we neither communicate well, or understand fully.

Another reason is that we become so set in our ways and we refuse to even consider another perspective, so we take away only what we want to hear.

Be sure to watch the video all the way through and watch each person closely.

What did you think of the outcome in the video?


15 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: A Great Example of Miscommunication

    1. Yes! Indeed. I really try to avoid it. God knows what inaccuracies people can say about each other by gossiping!

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  1. That was so funny, my daughter heard the laughter while I was watching it and asked if I was watching I love Lucy. This just shows why it is so important that if you hear something about someone and it is told to you by someone else to always go directly to the one it is about and ask what the truth is.

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  2. “so many of us listen to reply, so we don’t fully hear or understand everything that is said”

    β€”You can indeed see this in the video! They actually get more distracted as it progressesβ€” distracted by all the laughter, and a bit embarrassed, too. Some observe more closely than others. I was amazed by how long it went on for, haha.

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