Grilled Pork Chops with Herb Rub

Kick off the grilling season with these fresh herb rubbed pork chops that are easy to prepare and cook quickly on the grill. Add grilled vegetables for a fabulous meal! This is one of our favorite grilling recipes.

Fixing pork chops on the grill is different than grilling beef. While there is a range of temperatures that beef is safe to eat, pork needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F throughout. Use a medium direct heat while grilling pork so the inside cooks evenly with the outside.

Printable recipe

When assembling the ingredients for the herb rub, don’t worry about exact measurements, just be sure mix the ingredients well and apply to the chops evenly.

Grilled Vegetables

Slice vegetables about 1/2″ thick and brush lightly with vegetable or olive oil.

Working in batches, grill the vegetables until tender and lightly charred all over, about 8 to 10 minutes for the bell peppers; 7 minutes for the yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms; 4 minutes for the asparagus and green onions.” Source

Grilled Pork Chops with Herb Rub


  • 2 tablespoon sea salt
  • 6-8 large fresh basil leaves, torn into pieces
  • 2 stems fresh rosemary, leaves stripped from stems and crushed
  • 2 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, crushed with fingers
  • 3 cloves garlic, smashed, peeled and roughly chopped 
  • 4 thick-cut bone-in pork chops, approximately 1” thick


  1. Combine salt, basil, rosemary, thyme, garlic and pepper thoroughly in a small bowl. Rub mixture over all sides of pork chops until thoroughly covered.
  2. Scrub grill grates with a wire brush prior to starting. Preheat grill to medium before adding pork chops over direct heat. Cook for 7-8 minutes, turn once, but otherwise keep the lid closed as much as possible.  If your chops are thinner or thicker than 1”, adjust cook time accordingly.
  3. Remove chops from heat, cover and let rest for 3 – 5 minutes before serving. Serve with a grilled summer vegetable medley topped with a pat of compound butter seasoned with the same herbs used in the rub.

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