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Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Sign

Hello, my Friends! Hope everyone is doing well and adjusting to our new way of life. I’m doing so-so. Like many others, my anxiety level is pretty high at times. But it is what it is and when this is all over, I will be fine.

Way back in late February, as our local Master Gardeners were finalizing plans for our annual Spring Plant Fair and fund-raiser, I bought craft supplies to teach other members how to make a few decorative things to donate to the Plant Fair to be sold. With these kind of projects, we also all make one for ourselves too.

One of the projects we wanted to make this year was this cute sign made with a pizza pan and a vinyl place mat, then decorated with pretty stuff. The hardest part of this project is picking out a place mat. There are so many great designs to choose from that would make beautiful signs or wall hangings for any room in the house.

Unfortunately, for this year’s projects, I did not buy absolutely everything I needed before the self-isolation order went into effect. Walmart pretty much frowns upon anyone leisurely strolling and shopping through their stores these days, and I only had enough silk flowers at home to finish one pizza pan. Hence, the finished project is not the same as the assembly photos. I wanted the green one for myself because it matched my kitchen the best.

FYI: these directions are the same for whichever place mat is used.

Pizza Pan Sign Supplies

  • pizza pan
  • vinyl place mat
  • silk flowers & greenery to match place mat design
  • ribbon
  • 38″ rope (approximately 1/4″ diameter)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marker or pen
  • Optional: paint
  • Optional: splatter guard

The pizza pan, the splatter screen and place mat were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The splatter screen isn’t necessary, but it is the perfect size for cutting the circle out of the place mat. Especially handy if you want to make several of these pizza pan signs. Dollar Tree and Walmart both have some beautiful place mats to choose from, but Dollar Tree’s are half the price.

The ribbon is from Dollar General, the silk flowers are also from Dollar Tree, and the greenery from Walmart. I didn’t find much of a variety of greenery at Dollar Tree, so I spent a couple of extra bucks to get it at Walmart.

I used leftover spray paint to paint the borders of my pizza pans to give them a finished look. Painting the pizza pan edge isn’t totally necessary though.

The rope adds a nice detail to the design, while covering the cut edge of the place mat. It’s suppose to be a standard item at Dollar Tree, but I have yet to find it there. I bought mine at a builder supplies store…whew, was it expensive! I’ve heard it’s much cheaper in the Walmart hardware department.

I used 2 glues. A tacky glue or Elmer’s glue works best for gluing the place mat to the pizza pan, as hot glue will show through the place mat. I used the hot glue to carefully glue the rope in place around the inside of the pizza pan rim, and to glue the silk flowers, greenery and bow to the pizza pan.

Pizza Pan Sign Directions

I love the splatter screen for this step! I used the splatter screen as a pattern to mark the area of the place mat that would make the best sign, and then cut the circle out with a pair of household scissors.

Before gluing down the items, it’s helpful to lay out the design to see what looks best. Depending on the place mat print, some of these signs look better with the flowers and bow on the side or bottom. If that is the case, you will want your rope ends where they will be hidden behind the greenery or bow.

In the collage below, bottom left hand corner picture you can see where I painted a wide border around the rim. After the paint is dry, apply a circle of tacky glue, and then place the place mat circle in the center. Carefully smooth the place mat out toward the edges.

Next, lay the rope out around the pizza pan, and then starting at the top of the pizza pan, apply a few inches of hot glue where the edge of the place mat meets the pizza pan rim and immediately lay the rope on top of the hot glue. Hold in place with your fingers for a few minutes for the hot glue to dry.

I cut a couple of single stems each of the flowers and the greenery for each side, and then glued each in place individually to get the placement I wanted, and leaving a 2″ gap in the middle to glue the bow in place. This bow is a simple 4 loop bow with short tails.

If need to be, hot glue in a flower bloom or leaf to fill in any gaps around the bow.

The final step is to add a hanging loop. Take a 4-5″ piece of twine or narrow ribbon and tie the ends together. Then hot glue the knot end to the top middle of the pizza pan.

That’s it! Not including paint drying time, this pizza pan sign only took about 15 minutes to make.

Last year, we made fancy Hypertufa Pots for the Master Gardener Plant Fair, which was a lot of fun because a bunch of us worked together.


20 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Sign

  1. Robin; You have always been, and always will be, a creative person. How fun, and what a great idea for the MG Plant Fair. Will you all be having it this year? If so, I wish I could be there! These would just fly off the shelves! Miss you all!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, thank you! Miss you too, Elena! ❀ Wish you were still here.

      Plant Fair was scheduled for May 2nd, and like everywhere else in the area, everything was canceled through at least the end of May. Wouldn't you know Saturday was absolutely gorgeous for a change on Plant Fair day. πŸ™‚

      Several events planned in the county for June have already been canceled too.


  2. I never thought of using a pizza pan for home decor and art, so creative. This came out really pretty too. Yeah, I couldn’t believe how expensive rope is too. I bought mine at a hard ware store and was shocked at the price. I think it has something to do with Farmhouse trends everywhere right now. I haven’t been out for weeks now, almost two months. We are thinking about driving up to Our Little Red House for a day trip. Anyway, this is really pretty, you did a great job. I bet Pizza Pan Christmas decor would be nice too.

    Liked by 1 person

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