Farmhouse Tray Decor

Farmhouse Decor is pretty popular these days. I wasn’t leaning that way in my kitchen, but it has kind of evolved that way with just a few little touches. These trays will fit in any room or any style of decorating, and they are so much fun to decorate! I’ve discovered that I can easily reuse some inexpensive tray items for multiple seasons or holidays.

I showed some of these farmhouse pieces in my post about how to make and decorate your own DIY Tiered Tray with inexpensive items from Dollar Tree. If you don’t want to do a tiered tray, I used an inexpensive simple plastic white tray with some of the same elements and it turned out just as cute. Now I want to share more details about my farmhouse tray design.

I bought the little pig last summer just because it was so stinking cute and then I found the pig sign at Dollar General recently. They have been carrying a lot of super cute farmhouse decor the last couple of years. Along with the pig sign, they had a cow and a chicken.

I used the reed balls and cotton stems from the winter tiered tray I had decorated in January. I also included a little windmill, the letter M and a little clipboard. I thought it would be fun to leave little notes to the family on the clipboard. Walmart carries unpainted wooden letters in different sizes and styles. I painted the M black because it matched my farmhouse stuff better, but the letters can be be painted any color. Notice the binder clips on the M and the pig sign that were used to help the items stand up. They are hidden behind the greenery on the tray.

Finally I hot glued a bottle cap to the bottom of the little Blessing Jar from the Valentine’s tiered tray, so it set up a little higher out of the greenery, and I turned it so that only the white showed.


15 thoughts on “Farmhouse Tray Decor

  1. I find that oftentimes DIY projects prove to be more sentimental than a fancy store-bought home decor. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that a DIY home decor is unique.

    -Monica of Cook Eat With Us

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