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Hallmark Christmas Movie Addict

It finally dawned on me that I am addicted to Hallmark movies. I guess I have known it all along, but now I'm owning it. When I am overwhelmed, stressed out or had my fill of bad news, I switch the tv channel over to the Hallmark Channel and enter my Happy Place. I love… Continue reading Hallmark Christmas Movie Addict

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Butterfly Mobile

I saw this post a few days ago from my friend over at and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how cute this project was, so I decided to share it. This can be made up in any colors of your choice to match your decor, and the butterflies switched out for little animals or birds. The perfect craft to do together with a child.


Remember the Beautiful Baby Shower Mobile I showed you the other day? Well, after a friend saw it, she wanted me to help her create a pretty mobile for her room.
I wrote this last summer….reposting for a friend.
My young friend has been spending a lot of time with me during her summer break making crafts. She loves crafting as much as I, well almost. We picked out bright papers at Joann’s to go with her bedroom colors. She saw the mobile I made from Baby Shower papers and fell in love with my idea.
JOANN Stores
For this project you need a butterfly punch (mine is Martha Stewarts) , (or you can use any design punch you would like.) illusion cord, 2 embroidery hoops (larger and smaller) paper or scrapbook paper, pkg. of assorted mirrors, 3 different ribbons and a thinner ribbon for hanging. You will only use one of…

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DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

Making an essential oil diffuser is an inexpensive and easy to do craft. Make your own decorative essential oil diffusers using air dry clay to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils wherever you might be. Hang it in the car, on a night table, or put it on a cord to wear around your neck. This is a great idea for kids to wear to school, too.

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Amazon: The Adult Version of the Sears, Roebuck & Co Christmas Wish Book

I love Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Jesus! The decorations, the twinkling lights and the delicious foods. This is the first time in several years that I have really had the Christmas Spirit. We don't have family close enough to visit, so I usually don't decorate much. With a new frame of mind, it was… Continue reading Amazon: The Adult Version of the Sears, Roebuck & Co Christmas Wish Book

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The Best Fruit Fly Trap EVER!

Fruit flies aren't like regular flies, where you can grab a fly swatter or rolled newspaper, swat the fly and the fly-be-gone. Nah, fruit flies are tiny little things that are too small and too quick to kill that way. And too irritating to ignore. I have battled fruit flies off and on for years, and have… Continue reading The Best Fruit Fly Trap EVER!