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Winter Sowing

Garden seed starting with no seed trays, lights or heat. This method will also work for starting seeds for a fall garden. How cool is that! Gardening has been a passion of mine for more years than I care to admit. I love planting seed trays and watching for the seeds to germinate, then planting… Continue reading Winter Sowing

Container Gardening

How to Grow a Vegetable Container Garden for Beginners

Container gardening is so much easier to do than traditional gardening, and is perfect for anyone to do. It's particularly helpful for seniors and those with limited mobility. #seniorgardening #containergarden #accessblegardening #gardenjournal #haphazardhomemaker

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Winter Sowing Basics

What is that, you ask? Winter sowing is basically starting seeds in a somewhat protected environment outdoors . . .in the wintertime! This is a great time to start winter sowing. By starting seeds with this method, there is no need to harden off the seedlings, or deal with grow lights in the house. Winter… Continue reading Winter Sowing Basics

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Container Garden Week 11 Update

The really nice thing about my container garden is that there is little maintenance required once everything is initially set up. There were three days this past week that I didn't even do my usual morning walk around. And the weeds didn't take over. Greenhouse Area Hubby had moved the frame to this area so… Continue reading Container Garden Week 11 Update