Container Gardens

Container Garden Week 7 Update

The container garden is doing wonderful! It's nice to finally get most everything planted and growing well. We've had temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's the past few days, and forecast for the next couple of days, with heat index over 100°. So...I am really surprised at how everything has grown as much… Continue reading Container Garden Week 7 Update

Container Gardens

Container Garden, Week 5 Update

We have had 2 1/4" of rain this past week. Since all of the plants are still small, the containers are getting a good soaking. When the plants get larger, the rain doesn't help much to water the soil in the containers, because the leaves divert the rain water past the edges of the containers. But… Continue reading Container Garden, Week 5 Update

Container Gardens

Container Garden, Week 4 Update

The day after the Week 3 Update was posted, it rained. And rained. And rained.  Long, slow and soaking rain. The perfect rain! Almost two inches of rain! Low grumbling thunder for special effects. Perfect! There's just something about a slow rain that makes plants grow better, in my humble opinion. Unlike two days later with… Continue reading Container Garden, Week 4 Update

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Container Garden, Update Week 3

Mother Nature is trying my patience this year! She can't decide if it's spring or summer. That can make it difficult sometimes for us home gardeners. A week ago we had a couple of nights just below 50°, and daytime temps in the 90's this week, topping out at 96° one day. But the calendar… Continue reading Container Garden, Update Week 3

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Miss Margaret’s Garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. – Audrey Hepburn... I am reminded of this quote when I think of myself and my circle of friends getting older. Especially in regards to a dear elderly friend. In spite of all of our aches and pains, we keep planting seeds: seeds of kindness, seeds… Continue reading Miss Margaret’s Garden