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Container Garden, Update Week 2

Didn’t get much done with the container garden this past week, Update Week 2, Container Garden - haphazardhomemaker.combut I have several really good excuses reasons. Still doing a lot of yard and garden prep work getting ready for the summer season. I seriously worked myself like a rented mule, or at least it felt like it.

Our Master Gardener Association 9th Annual Plant Fair and Fundraiser was this past Saturday. It’s a REALLY big deal here! I spent the better part of last week getting my part ready; preparing for the education sessions, making signs, etc.

My Container Garden

All of the containers were watered well last Thursday, but I was nervous about planting anything. Our average last frost date is Derby Day, the first Saturday in May, which is the same day as our Plant Fair. A little over a week ago we had freeze warnings two nights in a row, and a couple of nights ago it was in the forties overnight. So I haven’t been too excited to plant vegetables yet. It also rained ALL DAY the day of the Plant Fair. The extended forecast looks really good now though, and my containers are thoroughly watered and ready to plant anytime.

Update 2 Container Garden, Daylilies, Pablona Pepper, Hot Jalapeno -

The day lilies were plopped into this container, because I couldn’t think of where else to plant them. I’ll probably move them when I do start planting vegetables.

I did get a Pablano Pepper and a Hot Jalapeno plant planted that I had picked up last week. I think they have already grown 6″! I don’t see Update 2 Plants for Community Garden - haphazardhomemaker.comthose very often and if I do, they are usually in limited quantities, so I bought one of each just in case I can’t find any more or my seeds don’t germinate. I’ll pick up tomato and pepper transplants from a nursery near us when I venture into town Friday.

I wouldn’t go anywhere then, except the local Master Gardeners have helped start a Community Garden and several of us are getting together to do some planting in a flower bed and another empty plot before the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in 2 weeks.

The blue wading pool is a “water-bed” for potted plants. It has a few drain holes an inch or so from the bottom. I set potted plants in the pool and thoroughly water the pots. There is always water in the bottom of the pool for the plants, but if it rains, the excess water will drain out.

Seed Starting

Update 2 Container Garden, Seed Starting -

Last Thursday, I started all of the seeds in small pots on the porch for everything else I want to grow. Can’t trust them dang birds from picking out all of the seeds if I plant them directly in the large containers. I used 4″ pots in kitty litter pans, which have a couple of drain holes drilled on one side, 1/2″ up from the bottom. I have been starting my seeds this way for years and it works well to help keep the pots moist. I also cover them at night with a light weight garden blanket.

Update Week 2 Container Garden, beans & Peas -

Green beans and sugar snap peas were planted today in the large blue containers around the greenhouse frame. I did cover the containers with netting to keep the birds out of them.

Blackberry Fence

Update Week 2, Container Garden, Blackberry Fence -

Last week, I pruned the existing Blackberry row and then yesterday, I planted 12 more thornless Blackberry plants on each end that I had rooted last fall. I had to transplant a rose bush first. That was fun with all of the thorns! 

We didn’t really need any more Blackberries. I planted them more as a privacy screen from the new neighbors that are building a house less than 100′ from our front door.

Update Week 2 Container Garden Blackberry Pots

Plus I potted up another 10 plants that I dug up a couple of weeks and had temporarily planted in another container. I’m not sure where I am going to put them, since the Blackberry row is full, But I will find a place somewhere. Filled a bunch of empty pots with the leftover soil in that container to add to other containers that need extra soil.

Easy Container Garden

I am excited about sharing my container garden with you this year! Whether you have time constraints or physical limitations, I hope you discover some new ideas that you can use to make growing some of your own food possible.

If you want to catch up from the beginning:

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Update Week 2, Container Garden -

Happy Gardening!


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