Container Gardens

Container Garden Week 13 Update

I can’t believe we’re already 3 months in on this container garden. I was looking back at some earlier pictures in this series and I am amazed at how well it’s gone. Equally amazed that we are harvesting so much! Heat, humidity, bugs and a forgotten watering took a toll on the container garden this last week. But we’re still picking fresh vegetables!

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Greenhouse Area

Greenhouse Area Week 13

Sweet Potatoes – (White barrels center picture above) Love growing the vines upwards! I think next year I will put the plastic fence netting up sooner and across the top of the greenhouse frame to give them more room to grow.

Tomatoes in Buckets – (Left picture above) So far so good. I finally decided not to make wire cages. I am going to do the Florida Weave. It’s pretty simple to do, but I need to round up a few T-Posts.

Zucchini & Squash – The Squash Bugs are pretty persistent. Still lots of eggs and bugs, but I’m still in control. For now anyway.

Beans – Torn about pulling them out, because they are still producing. If I was smart, I would have been practicing succession planting by starting a new container every two weeks all summer, so that when the next container was producing, I could pull the plants out of the oldest container. Maybe next year.

Minnesota Midget Cantaloupes – I picked a few melons this week. I love the small ones, because I am the only one that likes cantaloupe at my house. Just means more for me!

Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers Week 13

Both Jalapenos and Pablanos are loaded! Picked a bunch of jalapenos, and still have plenty of small ones on the plants. Pablanos weren’t big enough to harvest many.

Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Cucumbers and Tomatoes Week 13

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful! The cucumbers are definitely on their last leg. Tomatoes are still holding on by a thread. Found a few bag worms on one of the tomato plants this morning. I don’t want to pull the plants until the ones in the Greenhouse Area start producing, but I may need to rethink that.

Squash & Cherry Tomatoes


One problem I have noticed with growing Week 13 Update Squash and Tomatoessummer squashes upright, is that there is a problem with airflow around the plants.

I am having a little problem with Powdery Mildew. Just have to remember to guide the leaves through the cage to keep them separated a little.

The yellow cherry tomato plant, while not abundant, is producing quite a few clusters of cherry tomatoes.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers Week 13

Lots of bell peppers! They are like the perfect child and always do well for me with little problems. The only problem I do have with bell peppers is that I can’t leave them on the plants to turn red, because there is some kind of bug that likes them as much as I do. I’ll have to look into how to prevent that.


Herb Shelves Week 13

I want to be an “herb person” and as much as I love seeing the different leaf shapes and smelling the different fragrances, they just aren’t a priority for me at this time. Maybe when I finish up the in-ground bed for them, I will feel different.

I do dry some for cooking, but I rarely use fresh herbs. Mainly because I forget.

This Week’s Harvest

Harvest Week 13

Some of the Pablano peppers turned red when sitting on the counter. I picked 6 mini cantaloupes this week. Three of them got pretty ripe before I cut them up, but they were still firm and delicious!  I cut them up in bite size pieces and put in a container in the fridge. By the way, the mini cantaloupes are an Heirloom variety, so the seeds can be saved for the next year.

Week 13 Cover

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Happy Gardening!



20 thoughts on “Container Garden Week 13 Update

  1. Wow, That is so impressive, especially the peppers! I am the same with herbs. I use maybe ten basil leaves a year…and that’s about it. But I continue to plant a huge variety as if I am actually doing something with them.

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