Lip Sync for a Cause!

If you spend any time on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Lip Sync Challenge… Law Enforcement offices around the country make a Lip Sync video, then challenge another Law Enforcement office to do the same. Just so everyone knows, making these videos take a lot of time and energy, and they do it on their own time.

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Our local Sheriff’s department was challenged and they chose the song “My Town”. I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video here, but I did share it on my Facebook page. It was fun to watch the video, and see people and places from around our area. We even had a guest appearance in the video by someone you might know, if you are a country music fan.

Shop with a Cop

Not sure if others do this, but our Sheriff’s department took this opportunity to raise money for their annual “Shop with a Cop” program. This is such an awesome program!

I am continually amazed at how giving our residents are and how willing they are to help those in need. There are so many ways for people to give back to their communities.

If you would like to become involved and contribute to a need in your community, check with your local Police and Sheriff departments, food pantries, school resource offices and maybe your County Extension office for places to contact.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Booker T. Washington


Shop with a Cop

Back soon with my regularly planned blog posts…….





8 thoughts on “Lip Sync for a Cause!

    1. Usually, it’s other police, etc, who throw out the challenge. But you might suggest it as a way to raise money. I think most communities do “Shop with a Cop”. 🙂


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