Sunday Reflections


I think as we get older we begin thinking about our past and maybe even find we have so many regrets from our younger days. I know I do anyway.

Sometimes, out of the clear blue, an old memory of which of I am not proud of, will come to mind. I am ashamed of some of the things I did in the past, thoughts that I had; guilt-ridden for all the things I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done, if I knew then what I know now.

We get so wrapped up in our inner-demons, personal problems, and getting through life each day, each week and each month…until it all becomes a blur. We spend more time making a living and keeping up with the neighbors, than we do making a life with our own family and friends. No wonder there is so much disappointment in the world.

I often think there has got to be more to life. I ask myself why I don’t find more joy in my life. So whenever I hear this song, I always think of how amazing that the simple words in a song could stop me dead in your tracks and impact my heart the way it does…

and sometimes I need to be reminded to…

“Raise my hands and bow my head…”

“Finding more and more truth, in the words written in red”

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Sunday Reflections: Believe,

I hope you have peace in your heart.



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