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DIY “Peace and Calming” Roll-On Blend

Do you have the Winter Blues? Feel like you are going to explode and don’t know why? Do you suffer from anxiety? Stress and anxiety can be more prevalent during the months of November and December for many reasons. Even with people that don’t typically have issues with anxiety. Does grief fill your heart, because you lost a loved one, and that person won’t be here to share the holidays with you? Or maybe you are struggling to make ends meet, and the kids are already asking for gifts that equal a week’s pay? Maybe you just feel sad and don’t know why.

I understand.

It’s hard. Life is hard. But we still have to continue. We have families, or jobs, or other responsibilities that we have to fulfill. The demands can be so overwhelming, that sometimes it sucks the life out of you.


If you don’t feel like you can manage your anxiety on your own, please talk to your doctor!

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DIY Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend - haphazardhomemakercom

There’s an old saying “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” So let’s go over the things you can do for yourself that might help improve your mood and disposition.

  • Eating healthy
  • Regular exercise
  • Getting enough sleep

Sound familiar? Those are the keys to a healthy mind, body and spirit. But what if you can’t do all that? Or you can, but it’s not enough. What then? I have included a lot of links below to supplements, products and essential oils that I personally use and that I find helpful for me, so that you can see exactly what I use.

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Supplements for Anxiety & Depression

Sometimes our bodies are deficient in some vitamins or minerals that might have an adverse effect on our emotional state. Here are a few supplements that you might find helpful for anxiety:

  • Amino Acids (protects against anxiety, depression and insomnia)
  • Multi-vitamin
  • Zinc (good for central nervous system)
  • B-Complex (for a healthy nervous system)
  • Magnesium (relieves anxiety)
  • Omega 3 (Fights depression and anxiety)
  • Vitamin D ( helpful in treating depression)

And then, there are…

Essential Oils for Anxiety & Depression

Essential Oils to the rescue…again! They are helpful for so many issues that we experience in day to day life. I use essential oils for respiratory support, to get us up and going in the morning, and to calm us down in the evening. I have several blends I use for specific reasons, but the following blend is my favorite for frazzled nerves.

Peace and Calming Blend

One popular ready-made blend is Young Living’s Peace and Calming. I figured it must be really good, because when I first discovered it, it was often out of stock or available only in very limited quantities. After much research and down numerous rabbit-holes, I was able to determine the oils in the blend. The oils are excellent for anger, anxiety, depression, disappointment, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, loss, sadness, sleeplessness and stress. Sounds like just what we need!

I recently found that Plant Therapy also has their own version which is considerably cheaper. I’ve used several of their oils and have always been satisfied with the quality. Their reviews are pretty good.

If you need one that is safe for children, Calming the Child Synergy Essential Oil Blend would be a good choice to try for some of the same issues.

The following is the recipe to make you own Peace and Calming Blend. The original blend includes a few drops of Blue Tansy. I don’t know enough about Tansy to be comfortable using it, nor do I know of any other blends that use it. Roman Chamomile is a suitable substitute though.

DIY “Peace and Calming” Blend

Add the drops to a dark glass 5 ml bottle, shake well to blend.


All four of the above blends will work well in a diffuser. Add water to the fill line, then add no more than 6 drops of the oil blend to the diffuser. Diffuse the oils for 30-60 minutes, or set the diffuser on intermittent mist.

If you need bottles, here is a nice little multi-style set of bottles and labels  for a good price. I’m giving a set away for my November Reader Appreciation Month. Go here for entry information.

Peaceful Sleep Rub

Put the coconut oil in a small jar. Set the jar (without the lid) in a bowl with a little hot tap water to melt the coconut oil. (It will melt at 76° F (24 ° C) Remove the jar and let the oil cool enough to touch, then stir in the essential oils. Let it cool completely, then put the lid on the jar.

Apply a small amount to the bottoms of feet, knees and elbows just before bedtime. The skin on those areas are tougher, so there are mixed opinions as to the essential oil absorption. However, you will benefit from the aromatherapy, and coconut oil is the best for softening skin.

Print this “Peace & Calming” Recipe Sheet!

DIY "Peace & Calming" Essential Oil Blend -

The following recipe is for a ready-to-use roll-on blend that doesn’t need to be diluted for each use.

DIY “Peace and Calming” Roll-On Blend

Mix all the essential oils together in a dark glass 10 ml. bottle, then top the bottle off with your favorite carrier oil. It will be approximately 1 1/2 teaspoons. Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grape seed Oil or Jojoba Oil are good choices.
Apply to temples, behind the ears or on inside of wrists.

Diffuser Blends for Anxiety & Depression

Pour water into the diffuser to the fill line, then add the essential oils listed in one the recipe blends below. Diffuse the oils for 30-60 minutes, or set the diffuser on intermittent mist. See this post for diffuser safety info.


Stay Well & Strong,


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