Easy To Make Holiday Chandelier

There’s still time to make this cute Holiday Chandelier shared by one of my favorite DIY Bloggers. She includes lots of pictures and easy directions Be sure to poke around her site for lots of easy DIY craft ideas and projects for both every day use and every occasion.


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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

I finished this a few days ago, but I didn’t want to post something Christmas y  yet in honor of Thanksgiving. It seems like the stores put out Christmas earlier each year and just drowned out Thanksgiving!

Do you need holiday light out on your patio? Do you want to lighten a dark corner in your home? Well, if that interests you, then take a look at what I created on what I already had on hand. I purchased this stuff over the years, but I purchased most at Walmart.

This is what you will need for this project:

  • Wire wreath–  Amazon
  •  Small Chain- Home Improvement store cut into 4 equal lengths
  • 3 small hooks, 1 medium hook- Home Improvement Store
  •  Christmas icicle lights-Amazon
  •  Greenery garland- Walmart
  •  Greenery picks- Walmart
  •  Crystal bead

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