Delicious & Creamy Hummus (without Tahini!)

Finally . . . a smooth and creamy hummus made without tahini! I enjoy a healthy snack with hummus, but I am not fond of tahini. So I was really excited to see Tara post this recipe!
Hummus is wonderful healthy snack to include in your new healthy eating challenge.
Be sure to pop on over and see her other delicious recipes.

Farm to Table to Soul


Before I tell you about this recipe, my shirt size is a Medium and my birthday is in September, but I accept gifts year round. 😉



Oh my gosh you guys! I can’t tell you how much I love putting ingredients together and creating magic!in the kitchen!  Such exploratory cooking therapy never loses my interest!

I recently spent part of an afternoon researching what I call ‘hummus basics’ and can’t believe the variations that are out there.  Avocado hummus, red pepper hummus, roasted carrot hummus, zesty Italian hummus, even peanut butter hummus!

Lots and lots of creative variations. 🙂

However today my friends, I’m keeping it simple.  Simple and SO delicious!

So delicious, I even surprised myself with my own recipe!  😲



To begin, here are the ingredients.

Traditional hummus calls for Tahini, a condiment made from toasted ground sesame seed, which adds a creamy texture and…

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Recipe Box, Rosemary Parmesan Biscuit Bubbles

I love to serve a hot bread with dinner, so I was pretty excited when I found this wonderful recipe for super easy fancy biscuits, sure to impress family and company! They sound amazingly delicious!

The Painted Apron

Warning, these little bites of biscuits just might be addicting!

They are soft on the inside with crunchy Parmesan crust on the outside and scented with a delicate amount of rosemary

And they are so simple to make, you will have plenty of time for jingle belling and fa la la-ing!

I just used a small can of biscuits, but you can easily double or triple the recipe

Cut the biscuits into quarters and set up a breading station with a bowl of mayonnaise, a bowl of Parmesan and a greased casserole dish

Dip biscuit pieces in mayonnaise and then roll in Parmesan to coat, and place them side by side in prepared dish

If you do 3 or 4 at a time it goes fairly quickly

Next, slowly drizzle the butter over each piece and bake until they’re golden and beautiful!

Chop a little rosemary for finishing

I find…

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Easy To Make Holiday Chandelier

There’s still time to make this cute Holiday Chandelier shared by one of my favorite DIY Bloggers. She includes lots of pictures and easy directions Be sure to poke around her site for lots of easy DIY craft ideas and projects for both every day use and every occasion.


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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

I finished this a few days ago, but I didn’t want to post something Christmas y  yet in honor of Thanksgiving. It seems like the stores put out Christmas earlier each year and just drowned out Thanksgiving!

Do you need holiday light out on your patio? Do you want to lighten a dark corner in your home? Well, if that interests you, then take a look at what I created on what I already had on hand. I purchased this stuff over the years, but I purchased most at Walmart.

This is what you will need for this project:

  • Wire wreath–  Amazon
  •  Small Chain- Home Improvement store cut into 4 equal lengths
  • 3 small hooks, 1 medium hook- Home Improvement Store
  •  Christmas icicle lights-Amazon
  •  Greenery garland- Walmart
  •  Greenery picks- Walmart
  •  Crystal bead

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Peach Cobbler from Canned Peaches

We love peach cobbler, but a typical recipe is too much for just the two of us. I came across this easy recipe for only 3 servings, which is perfect for us! Be sure to check out the recipes on her blog!

Momoe's Cupboard

This is a very quick cobbler that only takes one 15 ounce can of sliced peaches and a half a cup of baking mix (Bisquick.)  The recipe makes three servings and bakes in 20 minutes.  It is a wonderful weeknight dessert on a cold day.  You serve it fresh out of the oven with a little whipped cream or milk.  I happen to like milk on my cobbler.  If you decide to try this you will fall in love with it.  It was so good.  I used almond extract because my vanilla is almost gone.  Almond made it really yummy. 

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