Delicious & Creamy Hummus (without Tahini!)

Finally . . . a smooth and creamy hummus made without tahini! I enjoy a healthy snack with hummus, but I am not fond of tahini. So I was really excited to see Tara post this recipe!
Hummus is wonderful healthy snack to include in your new healthy eating challenge.
Be sure to pop on over and see her other delicious recipes.

Farm to Table to Soul


Before I tell you about this recipe, my shirt size is a Medium and my birthday is in September, but I accept gifts year round. 😉



Oh my gosh you guys! I can’t tell you how much I love putting ingredients together and creating magic!in the kitchen!  Such exploratory cooking therapy never loses my interest!

I recently spent part of an afternoon researching what I call ‘hummus basics’ and can’t believe the variations that are out there.  Avocado hummus, red pepper hummus, roasted carrot hummus, zesty Italian hummus, even peanut butter hummus!

Lots and lots of creative variations. 🙂

However today my friends, I’m keeping it simple.  Simple and SO delicious!

So delicious, I even surprised myself with my own recipe!  😲



To begin, here are the ingredients.

Traditional hummus calls for Tahini, a condiment made from toasted ground sesame seed, which adds a creamy texture and…

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