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Amazon: The Adult Version of the Sears, Roebuck & Co Christmas Wish Book

I love Christmas! Celebrating the birth of Jesus! The decorations, the twinkling lights and the delicious foods. This is the first time in several years that I have really had the Christmas Spirit. We don’t have family close enough to visit, so I usually don’t decorate much. With a new frame of mind, it was fun this year. We spent the Christmas Day piddling around the house and whipping up some new versions of our favorite side dishes for a wonderful Christmas Dinner for Two. It was a wonderful Christmas shared with Hubby!

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Amazon Christmas -

We also played with our gifts that Santa left under the tree….that we picked out ourselves. We had some very specific things we wanted, and it was just easier to select the items ourselves.

What can I say? We spoil ourselves on occasion.

AT&T LG Xpression Plus Smart Phone-

My first Christmas gift was purchased through on a Black Friday Sale. They had an AT&T (pre-paid service) smart phone for $49. I hate learning new electronic stuff. It took months for me to get comfortable texting on my old phone. But I needed a new camera, and my old phone was just a cheapie little talk & text, so I let Hubby talk me into it. He’s the best! I didn’t want to spend much on one, because first I am hard on phones and secondly, if I found this phone too frustrating, I was just going to buy a camera and continue using my old phone.

Surprisingly, I picked up on using this phone pretty quickly and I must say with minimal frustration. I can check emails and blog comments, too. I am so proud I figured that out on my own! Best of all, the camera feature takes great pictures and it’s so simple to get them transferred to the laptop.

Our self-chosen gifts are listed below the Amazon “Wishbook” for Adults.

Amazon Prime Trial

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The rest we ordered through Amazon. It’s like an adult version of the Sears, Roebuck & Co Christmas Wishbook, that as kids we went through page by page detailing exactly what we wanted from Santa.

It all started this past summer…we needed pool filters, and our local Walmart was out and not stocking them anymore…in the middle of July, during a heatwave! Living in the boonies is a bit inconvenient at times, when we live 50 miles outside of the nearest cities. So a Google search showed that Amazon carried the filters we needed, but we found a much better reusable filter, and if we chose 2 day delivery, we got a free trail of Amazon Prime. The best decision ever! Especially since it’s difficult for me to have me enough breath to do much walking and shopping through the stores. We also ordered the supplies we needed to close up the pool in September, because my usual local source was out of stock. It was at that moment that I became an Amazon convert.

A few of the benefits of Amazon Prime are:

  • Free 2 day delivery
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Limited music streaming
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • One free e-book per month
  • Free audiobooks
  • Free (or flat-rate) grocery and household item delivery
  • Discounts at Whole Foods

I also ordered craft supplies that I need without spending a half a day driving back and forth to the city to shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. It was so much more comfortable sitting here with my feet propped up looking for the exact items I needed online!

If you would like try out Amazon Prime Trial, click here.

Our Christmas Gifts

Bamboo Cutting Boards -
Bamboo Cutting Boards

Hubby wanted some good cutting boards, so he picked out this Bamboo Organic Cutting Board Set Of 2 plus another smaller one. He was so excited to find them! Now I can relegate my ratty plastic cutting mats to my craft supplies.

Pyrex Baking Dishes-
Pyrex Bakeware Set

I wanted this Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Bakeware Set with Red Lids (4-Piece)  I’ve seen some other gorgeous baking dishes, but they aren’t really my style these days, and I wanted something simple I could use in different settings for blog pictures.

Anchor Hocking Pie Plate -
Anchor Hocking Pie Plate

I ordered a couple of Anchor Hocking 9″ Glass Pie Plates because they are wonderful for reheating leftovers in our NuWave Oven, which we bought a few years ago and use a lot more now that the microwave died, which I wrote about in this post. They will also look better than my foil pie pans.

My Pillow -
My Pillow

Hubby wanted me to have a My Pillow to see if it would help my sleeping. I’ve used it for several nights already, and so far, I love it! It doesn’t go flat and I don’t get as overheated around my neck and face at night. Plus it’s machine washable and dryable, and has a manufacturer warranty! I’ll be happy if it helps me sleep more than 4 hours a night. Although so far, I am not sleep any longer, but I definitely feel more rested and have less aches and pains rolling out of bed

Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator -
Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator

Hubby wanted a Percolator…he wanted one bad…and had even gave up coffee several weeks ago, until he could find one. He picked out this Hamilton Beach Coffee Percolator and he loves it! But we forgot to order the special grind coffee. Oops!

We bought the house a couple of these nice Reading and Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms – Classy, Mid Century Modern Adjustable 3 Light Tree because we needed better lights in the living room. I love this style of lights! You can bounce light off the ceiling, plus have good reading light. Or even just use one light for a cozy night curled up on the sofa to watch movies!

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Amazon: The Adult Version of the Christmas Wish Book

Hope your Christmas was Merry as well!



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    1. Thanks, I’m pretty happy with it. It does everything I need it to do for blogging purposes, and them some. 🙂 I’m serious about frustration levels with electronics. Friends would hand me their phones to look at pictures and I’d go to swipe then everything changed. I had no patience…

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