10 minute St Patrick’s Wreath

This wreath is super easy to make and takes only a few minutes to put together. Plus it only costs a few dollars! I found all of the supplies at the dollar store. It looks just as cute hanging over the fireplace as it does on the door.

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Easy St Patricks Wreath

Supplies include two garlands and a wire wreath frame. This frame was 12″. They are $1 each at the Dollar Tree and a little more at Dollar General. I found the garland for $1 each at Dollar General. There were several styles available. The piece of gold ribbon was about 22″ long and left over from Christmas. I also used two bread ties.

St Patricks Wreath

Bend the tip of one of the garlands around one wire of the frame, then wrap the garland around all four wires. Continue wrapping to cover half of the wreath. Kind of twist the end tip of the garland around one of the wreath frame wires to secure it in place. Repeat with the other garland on the other half of the frame. I pushed some of the gold shamrocks through the wreath to front. I used the bread ties to secure the center of the ribbon to the wire frame, then tied a bow. And that’s it! Super easy and cheap!

Easy St Patricks Wreath

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Easy St Patricks Wreath

Have fun making this wreath!



15 thoughts on “10 minute St Patrick’s Wreath

  1. That is so cute! I was so busy with Spring Break last week that I wasn’t on WP much, I wish I would have seen it though! Will you be posting anything for Easter?

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