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DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

April and May were super busy. Not only was it the beginning of the gardening season and I had a big project planned for amending all of the container soil this year, I had a couple of huge events that had occupied my brain almost non-stop and I needed to prepare for. Then the dreaded spring allergies hit, but I found some quick relief, which I shared in this post. All in all, everything turned out good.

We spent a great deal of time over the last few months, with a huge push the last couple of weeks, preparing for our annual Master Gardener Plant Fair in early May. The proceeds from it allowed us to give a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving college student. That may not sound like much, but we are a relatively small community, so we were really excited!

Ten days after the Plant Fair, I attended our State Conference for our Homemaker Association. It was three days of jam-packed seminars, classes, meals, etc. with almost 600 other Homemakers from around the state. The seminars were awesome! I learned a lot of new things that I can apply to either Master Gardeners or Homemakers. Both are volunteer organizations through your County Cooperative Extension Service. You should check them out! Find your local office here.

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Clay Essential Oil Diffuser -

I taught two classes on making these clay diffusers and the gals loved the class, so I hope you will as well. A few of our local Homemakers actually met the week before to make up over 50 little bags tied with a pretty ribbon with everything needed to make 2 or 3 clay diffusers for each of the attendees. They also received a little sample bottle of an essential oil of their choice to take home with them. I prepared another craft for a fellow homemaker to teach, which I will share another time. The ladies that signed up for that class enjoyed it too.

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DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

Making an essential oil diffuser is an inexpensive and easy to do craft. Make your own decorative essential oil diffusers using air dry clay to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils wherever you might be. Hang it in the car or on a night table. Make smaller diffusers to put on a cord to wear around your neck. This is a great idea for kids to wear to school, too.

I used Crayola brand Air-Dry Clay to make these diffusers. I was concerned about it drying out, but with the lid on securely, it was still soft and easily workable several months after the initial opening.

Clay Diffuser Supplies

Following is a list of supplies that you can use to make and decorate your diffuser:

  • Waxed paper to protect the surface & to use to press the clay smooth (not totally necessary, but made clean-up super easy)
  • rubber stamp with a simple design, plastic greenery piece or beans to make impressions
  • Wooden skewer (or toothpick) for detail work
  • Craft stick to cut the clay
  • Drinking straw to make hole for ribbon, etc.
  • Ribbon for hanging diffuser
  • Small piece of sandpaper or emery board
  • Leather cording for bracelet or necklace
  • Essential oil to apply to finished diffuser.
Easy Clay Essential Oil Diffuser-

Clay Diffuser Directions

Spread the wax paper on work surface. Pinch off a piece of clay, work it between your hands to warm it up and make the clay pliable. You can add 1 or 2 drops of food coloring to the clay to make different colors of diffusers.

Roll into a smooth ball. Lay on the wax paper with another piece of wax paper on top, then gently press to a circle shape with a thickness of ¼” or slightly thicker. A square or rectangle shape is interesting too. Or free-form a shape, such as a leaf. Try to avoid shapes with narrow points or corners such as a star, because they are more prone to breakage. With a wet finger, smooth out the edges.

For the design, press a rubber stamp or a piece of plastic greenery firmly into the clay. The skewer can help push the stems in. Or use the beans to make a large flower design. The design doesn’t have to be too deep. Using a bit of water, you can smooth out the rough edges with your fingertips. Or wait for it to dry completely, then use a piece of sandpaper or emery board to gently sand it.

Use a straw to make the hole for the ribbon or cord to go through. Be sure not to make the hole too close to the edge. Lay the clay on a flat surface and push the straw straight in to the bottom of the clay piece, then twist the straw several times to make smooth edges inside the hole.

For an added touch, make a bead to add to the diffuser by rolling a smaller ball of clay and carefully pushing a straw the center.

Allow the clay to dry for at least 2 -3 days before using. Use an emery board to file down any rough edges.

Once dry, insert a ribbon or cord through the hole and tie the ends. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to the design side of the diffuser, and lightly spread it across the design. Let your clay diffuser sit for a few minutes for the oil to be absorbed.

I have made several of these so I would have one for each oil I want to use depending on my need or mood. I like to keep mine in little zip lock bags with the essential oil name written on the bag with a sharpie for a couple of days before using. It seems the fragrance lasts longer that way. When the fragrance begins to fade, add more oil to the diffuser, as needed.

Essential Oils for Car Diffusers

Many of these essential oils have uplifting and invigorating properties and also help improve concentration and focus:

  • Basil Linalool – reduces fatigue, stress and anxiety, and helps clarify the mind
  • Cedarwood – encourages the mind to focus
  • Cypress – has a calming effect and increases happy feelings
  • Eucalyptus – helps increase alertness
  • Frankincense – increases mental focus
  • Lemon – increases mental energy and helpful for those with ADHD
  • Lemongrass – helps to declutter the mind
  • Orange – energizes the mind and body
  • Peppermint – also helps clarify the mind
  • Rosemary – also helps to reduce stress

Gift Idea

I think a couple of these clay diffusers with a bottle of essential oil in a little gift sack with pretty tissue would make a nice little gift. Perfect for a teacher or gift exchange any time of the year. Clary Sage is a perfect essential oil for any woman. I just recently discovered it and I love it!

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Clay Essential Oil Diffuser -

Let me know if you make these clay diffusers.



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  1. I love this! I have a diffuser necklace and several clip diffusers for the car, but this is so cute! Can the clay that is baked in the oven be used instead of air dry clay? I host a craft group, but we have limited time. I think the ladies would love this as much as I do!

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