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Stacked Letter Blocks

These letter blocks are so easy to make and can be done up to match any color scheme, and made with whatever letters you like. The blocks are lightweight and the edges are already slightly rounded like worn blocks would be. I made this set a little rough looking to fit in my farmhouse decorating theme with a front word and a back word to say HOME and LOVE.

Because we don’t have a lot of available flat surfaces for decorative stuff, I made a “stand” so they didn’t take up much room. Plus the letters stay in place, but they are also super cute lined up horizontally on a shelf or table, as well as making two words and displaying one word over the other.

Other cool words include BATH, FARM, FARM HOUSE, LAKE, PRAY, CABIN, FAMILY and GATHER. Your last name would be awesome either by itself or stacked over the word FAMILY. Or maybe with a child’s name painted in a color to match their bedroom.

Stacked Letter Block Supplies

Dollar Tree Foam Dice

Project Notes: If you want to make your words to sit horizontally, all you need is the foam dice, paints and letters.

  • 2 ยฝ” foam dice (I found mine at Dollar Tree, pkg of 2 for $1))
  • candle stick (Dollar Tree, $1).
  • two colors of paint, plus a clear varnish for the black painted candlesticks. (I used off-white and black spray paints, plus black acrylic craft paint that I already had at home) The spray paint and varnish were all the cheap stuff found at Walmart or Dollar General, 97ยข each.
  • sticker letters (mine were from a foam letter sticker set, dollar stores, $1 pkg))
  • plastic hanger or ยผ” wooden dowel for rod
  • a little greenery and 12-14″ of 3/4 ribbon or fabric strip for top
  • large wood bead (I used a travel-size empty thread spool)
  • clay (to fill in top of candlestick. I used some leftover clay I had in the fridge, but you could use all hot glue)
  • hot glue

If making a stack with five or six letter blocks, use a dowel for the stacking rod and cut it to length after putting the stack together on the candlestick, leaving an extra inch at the top for the ribbon and bead.

Stacked Letter Block Directions

  1. Cut the bottom off of a plastic hanger or cut a 12″ piece of dowel for a rod. Use an ice pick or Phillips screwdriver to poke a guide hole through the center of each dice from top to bottom. Push the rod though the dice and twist to insure a good fit. Remove the dice. Note: I cut the top part of two hangers to hold two dice and then I could paint all sides of the dice and hang them to dry between coats. Otherwise only half of each dice could be painted at a time.
  2. Paint a base coat on your dice, bead (or spool) and candlestick. Using my method, the finished letters will be the base coat color. I used black spray paint for all of the pieces and applied a couple of light coats. A couple of quick coats of a clear spray varnish will help protect against scratches on the painted glass candlestick. Let the paint dry thoroughly in between each coat.
  3. I firmly applied foam sticker letters to spell out my words on the blocks, and then sprayed two coats of the top coat of paint color (off-white color) completely covering the blocks and applied letters, letting dry well between coats.
  4. When the paint is completely dry, gently remove the foam letters revealing the painted letters below.
  5. To give the blocks a worn look, pour out a tiny bit of black paint on a paper plate and using a small dry paint brush, lightly dip in the black paint, brush off some of the extra on the plate, then brush onto all of the edges of the blocks. Blot the edges with a paper towel if you feel the black is too thick. Let the paint dry.
  6. Fill the top of the candlestick with clay packed tightly, then insert the bottom end of the rod.
  7. Thread the painted dice on the rod.
  8. For the finishing touch, glue a little greenery close to the middle of the top block and glue the bead or spool onto the end of the rod. Tie the fabric strip around the rod to make a bow, so that the bow can be turned to the other side when displaying the other word.


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