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How to Keep Ripe Avocados Fresh for Days

Avocados are a good source of vitamins C and K, folate, potassium and fiber, with zero cholesterol and sodium. These heart-healthy fruits are antioxidant-rich and are a healthy fat which helps your body absorb nutrients. Because of how healthy they are, we are eating them more often. Almost daily, as a mater of fact.

Avocado halves

We have been eating 8 or 9 avocados a week for several weeks, so when we’d do a weekly produce run, I’d try to pick the greenest avocados they had. Most of them would be ripe by the next day. By the third day, there was a good chance there would be a lot of yucky brown when I’d cut open an avocado.

So I did a Google search on how to slow down avocado ripening and found exactly what I needed to know at this site. It has everything you would ever want to know about avocados, plus a few recipes.

I was so excited to finally discover how to keep ripe avocados fresh for a week without making guacamole or freezing them. And I’ve since read a comment from a member of Facebook group I’m in saying hers last 10-14 days.

To keep them fresh for almost a week, it is as simple as putting the whole avocados in the fridge! Just leave them on the counter until they are almost ripe, then place them in a container in the fridge. They will still slowly ripen, but I have yet to cut one open that had any brown yucky spots on the fruit and they are just as creamy as could be! The first time I tried this, I had four avocados on the counter that were soft to the touch and definitely ripe. I used one for dinner that evening and the other three went in the fridge. I cut up one avocado each evening for the next three dinners, and every one was still firm enough to hold the shapes and were absolutely creamy.

Avocados in refrigerator

A few days before I discovered this awesome refrigerator tip, I was going through the housewares department at Wal-Mart and discovered this little Avocado Storage Pod. It was $3.97 and there was nothing to it except a top and bottom. It snapped together, but I don’t think it was even air tight. I guess I was feeling optimistic as I dropped it in the basket.

Prior to this purchase, I was spraying the tops of leftover avocado halves with an olive oil spray and then putting the avocado half in a small plastic container or zip-lock bag. That worked ok, but nothing to brag about as far maintaining visual appeal and freshness. I didn’t dare try to put an un-sprayed avocado half in container and expect it to still look delicious a couple of hours later.

Now I haven’t tested this for more than a few hours from lunch to dinner, but I am totally impressed so far. It doesn’t appear to make any difference whether it’s cut side up or down. I know I should have tried an overnight test for you before writing this post, but I forgot to.

There are also several avocado keepers on Amazon, if you’d care to look there.


11 thoughts on “How to Keep Ripe Avocados Fresh for Days

  1. At the produce stand where I work, they stay in the fridge even when they are hard and green, because the heat is my enemy at work. I tell people to leave it on their countertop if they want it to soften up quickly, keep it refrigerated if they don’t. Avocados are too costly for me to take chances with my boss’s money, so I keep those babies as cold as possible for as long as possible🙄

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  2. Will definitely be trying this. Since changing to a whole food plant based diet I have learned to like if not love avocados. I buy a bag of ‘wonky’ avocados from my local supermarket and have struggled with keeping them fresh and have resorted to freezing them in the past.

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