Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflection: Mum’s the Word

This is a wonderful post I ran across recently about life and changes, that I wanted to share with you on Sunday Reflections . . .

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Mum’s the Word

My wife asked me an interesting question today – “Why do you not talk as much as you used to?”. Normally I just treat it like a rhetorical question, but for some reason, today I chose to answer it.

I am a pragmatic man, and know that my best productive years are behind me. I also know that my best learning years are behind me as well. Technology is passing by me faster than Haley’s comet, and new fangled toys hit the shelves at what seems like an hourly rate (rendering the “toy” you just bought obsolete), and my mind now has to cover 6 decades of memories,  not just two or three. . .continued on The Earth Spins.


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