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For the Love of Art Furniture

I fell in love with art furniture about 18 years ago when I saw a painted kitchen table and chairs set in a store in Branson, Missouri. I did my fair share of painting furniture back when “antiquing” wood furniture was popular ages ago, but this is so much more than that.

My Art Furniture is completely painted, inside and out, and all around, including the back and using a lot of craft painting techniques to get the look I want.

Hubby and I would go out to small “junk & antique” stores to look for cool pieces of furniture that needed some TLC, then drag it home so I could clean it up. The piece always sat where I could see it for a few days, so that it could “speak to me” and tell me what it wanted to be.

Some pieces had damage that needed a little doctoring, such as gluing down loose veneer. For the most part though, the damage was incorporated into the design.

I wish I had thought to take pictures of every piece of Art Furniture that I had painted. Unfortunately, even the pictures that I did take, are not great quality, but I think they show enough detail to give you an idea of what I was doing

Words of Encouragement Chest

This was just a simple little cabinet-type chest on wheels for storage, only about 20″ tall with the top about 18″ x 18″. The theme was all about Words of Encouragement, so I went with a little jungle-ish background and a lion face. My lion in the postage stamp frame isn’t too fierce looking, but maybe goes along with the quote “Open your HEART to all LIFE can offer for each day is a GIFT”

Words of Encouragement on Chest -

The chest was painted on all sides, with the back and other side similar to these views with a few different words

Words of Encouragement on Chest -

The piece of furniture behind this one has a sea shell theme, which I will show another time.

Are you inspired?


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