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Hand Painted Seashell Furniture

Here are two more pieces of Art Furniture that I had painted many years ago. As mentioned in my previous post, I took photos of photos. The picture quality is pretty bad, but I wanted to share some of my artwork here, so here it is . . .

Sea Shell Cabinet -
Old television cabinet

I loved looking for old or interesting shaped pieces of furniture and never knew what I would find. I enjoyed painting this design, so I painted two pieces.

I sponge painted the background with a little copper color, a shade of brown named nutmeg and ivory. The dark lines and trim on the bottom of the trunk is copper color (pictured below). The rope trim on both pieces is painted with the nutmeg.

The coral was painted in a shade of lavender, and the shells were painted in shades of pink, lavender, beige, brown and ivory, with a touch of yellow. The sand was in nutmeg.

Hand Painted Sea Shell Trunk -
Old trunk

There was actually an area about 6″ x 8″ on the bottom front of the trunk that had veneer damage. I glued down the loose veneer, and sanded it a bit before painting, and then incorporated it into the painting. It was barely noticeable in the finished trunk.

Thanks for taking a look!


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