Sunday Reflections

Sunday Reflections: What do *I* want to do?

Sometimes, we get a plan in our head, work carefully on getting there and before we actually reach our ultimate goal, something happens. A life changing event. But now, are we the same person we were a short time ago? Just a few years can change our objective.

Do we pick up where we left off? Start over with new goals?

This post is from Sunflower Solace Farm and is one woman’s thoughts on pursuing dreams . . .

Making Life Choices -
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

What do *I* want to do?

A friend of mine recently said ” It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants, what do YOU want to do?”  I thought back to what my goals were before Plannus Interruptus (common ailment for plans, no doctor needed).  Remember nearly five years ago when I bought an RV and planned on paying off debt and then hitting  the AT, followed by building a tiny house in the woods? (maybe, if you’re a long time reader, lol).  So I sat on how that felt back then for a while in my head.

Zoom in to today (pretend this is a video,’k?) I’m rushing towards 60 right now (What, how the hell did that happen???)  I still have debt because DUH I bought a house when I moved LegoMan and me a few states away. The AT hike is not near future any more, although it still simmers on the back burner like a sweet, savory sensory experience – but tucked away for exploration at another time.  Back in 2016 I was inches away from zero debt on any respectable timeline application.  Pffft.  Plot twist! . . . continue reading at Sunflower Solace Farm


6 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: What do *I* want to do?

  1. What’s your definition of homesteading? I’ve seen it around a lot recently and everyone seems to have their own idea of what it is. From a lot of what I’ve read it is way too much work for me to do alone! Haha.


  2. Personally I think there’s a fine line between what do you want to do and what does someone else want you to do — or more properly stated, what are you doing in order to accommodate someone else? There is something highly admirable and truly selfless in meeting others’ needs, as long as we don’t neglect ourselves utterly in doing so. Yet if we don’t take care of ourselves and march to our own drummer at least a portion of the time, resentment grows and other bad things happen. Balance — one of the most important keys in life!!

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