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Sunday Reflections: Journey # 5…The Gift Behind the Windows

I loved reading the following post I found on Jouney2nu. Not only is Kist’s journey to the gift meant to be for her, she takes us along with her as we read her story and how it all came about. I hope you enjoy this lovely story as well . . .

Sunday Reflections: Journey #5…The Gift Behind the Windows -
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Journey #5…The Gift Behind the Windows

Journey #5 started years ago. It is only recently that the journey concluded and left me with the most comfortable, peaceful, completed feeling inside. It’s was like coming home after being away for so long. I created a journey that put me in alignment with the universe. I am now one step closer to knowing exactly who I am and what I want from this world. So let me share with you how this journey unfolded.

As a child and through adulthood I was fortunate enough to create memories at a summer cottage that my grandparents/mother owned in Caroga Lake, NY. Little did I know then that the painting that hung on the wall of the living room would impact my life in so many ways. I am now the proud owner of this painting. It has filled a void in my vortex in many ways. I credit so many people who had a hand in this journey. So let me say “thank you” to all of them who are living or beyond.

Read the rest of the story at Journey2nu


6 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections: Journey # 5…The Gift Behind the Windows

  1. I loved how she saw all those signs from her past love ones while she researched her paintings. What a great gift that painting was for the whole family over the years. It has kept them all connected in a way, even though they no longer share the same spaces anymore. It is like that painting reminds everyone how what changes in the physical forms never really changes in our souls, we are still together in spirit and always will be.

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