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2 Minute Toilet Paper Pumpkin

These no sew pumpkins literally only took 2 minutes each to make and are so sweet! And cheap! They can be used anywhere for fall decorating! I thought a couple of these little pumpkins would look cute in the basket of hand towels and washcloths on my counter. You can make them as simple or fancy as you’d like.

Although I have seen these toilet paper pumpkins before, when I saw them on Daisy Dust, there was just something about them that made me start digging in my fabric immediately. I also grabbed a short piece of fall silk leaves to add to the basket.

2 Toilet paper rolls wrapped in fabric in basket of towels, fall leaves

The ones on Daisy Dust were printed fabric in a basket with silk flowers and absolutely adorable. I just went with what I had quick at hand. I could have cut out a 18″x 18″ square from a large piece of fabric, or dug deeper for scraps, but I ran across a couple of things immediately that would work perfectly.

Toilet paper rolls wrapped in fabric

One was a muted sage green bandanna. I spread the fabric out flat and set the toilet paper roll in the middle of the square. Next I gathered and pulled the fabric up around the top and secured with a rubber band, then stuck a cinnamon stick in the center. How easy is that?

Toilet paper roll in burgundy cutoff t shirt sleeve

The burgundy pumpkin was just as easy. I use old t-shirts for a number of fabric crafts, and had two long sleeves that I had cut off from an earlier project. I pulled one over the toilet paper roll and tucked the shoulder end up into the roll. The cuff end was just tucked into the hole on the top end, with the cuff left exposed. No rubber band was needed. I stuck another cinnamon stick in the top. Daisy Dust had poked all of the fabric on top into the roll, then inserted a small roll of burlap into the top of one of hers for a stem, and it worked well for this too.

If you don’t have something at home to use, there is usually a beautiful selection of fat quarters (18″ x 21″) wherever fabric is sold that are pretty inexpensive. If you have any silk plants around, maybe borrow a couple of leaves to insert in the top. Or just tie a piece of wide ribbon around the “stem” for the leaves. A small stick out of the yard could be used instead of the cinnamon stick.

I’m downsizing my holiday decorations for lack of storage space, so what is really nice about this project is that when the fall decorations come down, there is nothing that needs to be stored. If you use some pretty bandannas with finished edges, they can be re-purposed for napkins or basket liners throughout the year.

Have fun getting creative!


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      1. No. We live where it’s dark and scary and real monsters roam the property, so we have never had trick or treaters. When I was growing up the nearest houses were a mile away, so we never really did much for Halloween because it was too much trouble.


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