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Super Easy Toilet Plunger Fall Tree

This super cute fall tree took me maybe 15 minutes to put together. I wanted to do something different for fall decorations this year and I didn’t want to spend much money, so I went digging through my storage tub of fall decorations to see what I could come up with to create something new. When I pulled out several stems of silk fall leaves, I remembered seeing a little tree last year that used a Dollar Tree toilet plunger for the tree trunk.

I loved how this little tree turned out! I made it for my fireplace mantle, but it looked cute on the table on the porch. It would also look great on an entry hall table, too.

Because I am trying to limit the number of storage totes of my holiday decorations, I wanted this project to be something I could easily take apart for easy storage, plus be able to reuse the items in another way next year. After Thanksgiving, the leaves will go back to the fall decor tote, the ribbon rewrapped on the spool and put back in the ribbon box, the rocks and pot will go back to the garden, and the plunger and Spanish Moss returned to my miscellaneous craft supply tote.

Plunger Tree Supply List

  • 6 stems of fall leaves bunches (from Dollar Tree)
  • toilet plunger (from Dollar Tree)
  • roll of burlap ribbon (from Dollar Garden)
  • rocks (from the yard or buy a bag at Dollar Tree)
  • Spanish Moss (from Dollar Tree)
  • container (used flower pot, coffee can, ceramic dish, etc)
  • tape or hot glue (I used electric tape & scotch tape)
  • scissors (to cut the ribbon, if needed)
  • Optional: a string of lights

How to Make a Toilet Plunger Fall Tree

I started with 4 bunches, but had to go back and redo it with 6 bunches, because it looked pretty skimpy.

Hold all of the stems of leaf bunches around the top of the plunger handle and wrap tightly with tape. (See the picture below) Any tape will probably work, but I snagged about a 10″ piece off a roll of wide electrical tape that Hubby hadn’t put away yet. I like using electric tape for this kind of applications because it stretches tight and holds securely. Plus it’s easy to remove. Hot glue will work just as well in place of the tape.

Next, I taped the end of the burlap ribbon around the top of the handle to cover the taped stems, then continued wrapping the ribbon to the bottom of the wood handle. I then taped the ribbon around the bottom. Jute twine would work too, if you don’t care for the look of the burlap ribbon.

I turned the rubber plunger up so that I wouldn’t have to glue it into the pot. The rocks held it up perfectly. I just grabbed a few rocks out of the garden. Dollar stores generally carry bags of pretty rocks for about a buck each (it will probably take two), and they can be used for a lot of different crafts afterwards. Then cover the rocks with a little Spanish Moss. I’ve used this bag for years. It’s perfect for Easter and spring decor, as well as some summer decor.

Finally, just like a Christmas tree, fluff out the leaves and add lights if desired. For the display shown below, I used a placemat size piece of burlap (which I should have ironed first) and some small pumpkins from a bag I bought on clearance last year. I added a 15″ piece of leaf garland to the back, and the little set of antlers that I found at Walmart this year for $2.97.

I had to brighten the photo because of the shadows, so the light teal and ivory pumpkins don’t show their color well. These pumpkins match the large light teal colored wooden truck from Dollar General.

With all of the adorable fall decorations, a whole scene could be made with the large wooden truck, pumpkins, little straw bales, scarecrows, etc. Just have fun putting the little tree together and decorating for fall!

Here are some other quick and easy (and super inexpensive) fall decor crafts you might like: 10 Minute Picture Frame Wreath, 2 Minute Toilet Paper Pumpkin and 2 Minute $2 Thanksgiving Wall Hanging.

I would love for you to share photos of your little fall trees on my Facebook page!


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