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2 Minute $2 Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

I found another Thanksgiving plaque at the dollar store that I loved and finally bought after seeing it on several trips. The colors are gorgeous! This plaque is 11″ x 8″ pressed cardboard with a jute string hanger. I probably wouldn’t have bought it then, except I was looking for burlap ribbon for another project and discovered the blue ribbon that matched perfectly. My camera doesn’t do the colors justice.

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging -

The only reason I kept dragging my feet about the plaque was that it was another flat skimpy cardboard wall hanging. I figured since I was pretty happy with my other Thanksgiving Wreath, I would see if I could work some magic making this one not look like another flat skimpy cardboard wall hanging. I am always amazed at how a few simple additions can make such a huge transformation.

I already had the 15″ wicker tray, found a long time ago at a thrift store. I paid $1 each for the plaque and the ribbon. I was surprised to discover the ribbon was wire edged, which made my bow super easy.

After thinking about it while writing this post, there is a strong possibility that the ribbon was $2.

But . . . this whole idea can be used for lots of other holidays. The dollar store always has cute wall hangings like this for all the holidays, so with a little thought on future projects, buy ribbon on clearance that can be used throughout the year for two or three different wreaths or wall hangings.

How to Tie a Wreath Bow

This is the easiest way I have found to make a big wreath bow. I used a roll of ribbon (9′ long) and a stapler. Step by step directions are below.

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging -
  1. Make a loop about as round as a water bottle or soda can. Then make 3 big loops with an inch or two just past the center on the inside. Flattened, my big loops were about 10″ from side to side. Be sure the side view looks like the first picture. You want to end up with a total of 3 loops on each side. Cut off the tail.
  2. Using a stapler with the top of it inside the small loop, staple all of the ribbon loops together, leaving the small loop loose. Slide the tail ribbon through the small loop slightly more than halfway. FYI: if you don’t have a stapler, use a piece of twine to tie it all together tightly before putting the tail piece through the small loop.
  3. Tie the tail behind the loops. Gently pull apart each loop, then twist slightly and fluff.
  4. I used a piece of twine through the twine hanger on the plaque, through the wicker tray, then through the knot on the back of the bow. Pull it tightly and tie a knot.

I loved how easy it was to make and how pretty it turned out!

And did I mention it’s super cheap to make?

This is a wonderful idea for people that have few or no holiday decorations, or don’t want to have to worry about storing the decorations after the holidays.

Living in a small home and not having any good storage available for lots of holiday decorations, it’s nice that when taken apart, that it will take no space to store till next year. I can undo the ribbon and roll it back up in the craft supplies. The blue ribbon would be pretty in an Easter or Mother’s Day wreath or wall hanging. The plaque is super thin, so will take no room in the fall decoration box, and the tray goes back into kitchen duty. Score!


12 thoughts on “2 Minute $2 Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

      1. We have Christmas lights we leave up all year for ambiance. I have to decide if I’m going to do another catmass tree again this year or simply decorate our gnarly ficus bonsai.


      2. We live in the country and not visible from the road and only have a couple of friends that come visit. It’s hard to get excited about decorations. However, Hubby has already pulled out the Christmas lights and a couple of fake trees to decorate outdoors, so guess we’ll be decorating indoors too. 😀

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      3. I won’t do any decorating until a few days before Christmas. Then we keep things up until January 6th when we celebrate Epiphany with a Spanish chocolate party. This will be our 20th year of celebrating Reyes (kings day is Spain) with Spanish chocolate.

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      4. The Spanish traditionally did not give gifts at Christmas, but wait until Epiphany to give gifts, like when the three Wise Guys came bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. The Reyes are like Santa x 3. Now many Spaniards give gifts for both Christmas and Epiphany, and so did we when we lived in Spain. We brought the tradition back with us. We also do the Italian tradition of La Befana, the Christmas witch, who leaves presents on Epiphany eve. You leave your shoes outside your bedroom door and she leaves gifts in them.

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