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10 Minute Picture Frame Wreath

Seriously, this wall hanging takes only a few minutes to put together. So if you need a quick and easy good size wall hanging, I’ve got you covered! If you don’t care for the red truck design, any plaque design will work. I thought this turned out pretty cute for how simple and inexpensive it is to make.

I also love the fact that once Thanksgiving is over, I can take it apart and use the picture frame for something else, and since I am downsizing holiday decorations, the plaque won’t take up hardly any room, and the leaf vines can go back in the box with the other silk flowers and plants.

I found this cute mason jar shaped wall hanging at one of the local dollar stores awhile back. I love red truck decor, so I couldn’t pass it up. As much as I loved the picture on the wall hanging, I hadn’t hung it up anywhere, because it was pretty chintzy looking.

Easy Fall Picture Frame Wreath -

I wanted to refurbish an old wreath, using the plaque in the center, but that would require much deeper digging than what I wanted to do at the time. I settled on an old picture frame (about 14″ x 18″) that was a little bigger than the jar wall hanging and a couple of dollar store leaf vines from the tote with fall decor, and combined the 3 items to make it a little more elaborate.

Easy Fall Picture Frame Wreath -

The vines were slightly different, so I started by twisting the two vines together. Starting in the bottom right corner, use hot glue or a flat head thumb tack to secure the vine ends to the frame. Gently and loosely wrap the vines around the frame across the bottom and up the right side. Try to keep the leaves facing toward the front side. Add a few drops of hot glue or a tack at each corner (and any place else that’s needed) to help keep the vines in place.

I actually did the leaf vine wrapping twice. The first time, I wasn’t paying attention and I wrapped the vines up the left side. It just didn’t look good with the picture having foliage on the right side and not on the left side. Had I had more vines, I think it would have looked nice with the leaves all the way around the frame.

This frame didn’t have a hanger on the back. so I used a piece of twine to tie the twine hanger of the plaque to the top of the frame, plus used a little extra to make a hanger for the wooden frame. I also had plenty of 2 ยฝ” wide burlap ribbon that matched the lid on the top of the jar to make a nice full bow, but I liked it just as it was, so I didn’t bother with the bow.

Fall Frame Wreath -

If you make up a picture frame wreath, I would love for you to share a picture!


21 thoughts on “10 Minute Picture Frame Wreath

  1. That’s so cute! I love the way it turned out. I also love that everything is reusable. I’m trying to reuse as many things as possible throughout the seasons so I don’t collect so much stuff.

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  2. That’s pretty cool. I have an abstract piece on my wall at work that was made from various things staff and clients contributed to the piece. Your picture frame wreath reminded me that I need to post a photo of it in its current state of being.

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